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3 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

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Back in August 2018, an online poll was conducted among homeowners in the US and amazingly, around two-thirds of those surveyed were very optimistic that their home’s value will continue to increase in the next ten years. So, if you’re contemplating selling your house, better start today to think of ways to make it saleable. This may include buying a set of tools for your DIY effort or if not, simply call the professionals for example, 24 hour heating and cooling tradesmen to help you out in this venture.

There are countless ways to make your home attractive to potential buyers and homes that stand out can be spotted easily. Well-decorated yard and lawn, nicely-painted exteriors besides extra square footage are just some of the aspects that create an impression. Simply put, an improved property will get you a hefty ROI. Read further to know more tips in boosting your home’s value to attract a bigger pool of buyers.

Make Your Landscape Appealing

Well-manicured grass and a yard full of flowers and plants are the first attractions to a beautiful home. If you’re a green thumb, it would be easy for you to mulch, arrange rocks and pebbles, buy new soil then plant trees and flowers. Or if you can afford it, hire an expert landscaper. Don’t forget to put good lighting on the yard as prospective buyers may come around after dark.

3 Ways To Increase Your Home Value In The First Year

Upgrade Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Once satisfied with the exterior looks, a buyer’s going to inspect the kitchen and bathroom. Take note, obsolete kitchens and bathrooms may prevent your property from obtaining the highest valuation. Conversely, putting on marble floors or fancy granite bench tops plus an array of brand-new stainless-steel appliances could be a turn off as your buyer might presume that your property is a bit more expensive. Experts reveal that remodelling your kitchen with stone countertops, commercial-grade appliances and custom cupboards, in addition to keeping the place neat with functional taps, are enough to command a good price.

For bathroom upgrades, all-new toilets, tubs and cabinetry may not be essential. Just ensure that the place looks and smells fresh with a new wall paint, new flooring and clean tile grout if floors need not be replaced. If lighting fixtures seem outdated, replace them with energy-efficient models that are likewise user-friendly. Exhaust fans, if any, should be cleaned and chips in the sink or tub be repaired.

Keep A Low Maintenance

Furnaces, water heaters and roofing are considered major components of the home that obviously warrant constant maintenance. To assure the buyer of low maintenance cost on these areas, consider repairing or else, replacing them with new ones. Lastly, an efficient 24 hour heating and cooling system must be in place. To save you on costs, contact your utility company to know if your home is not wasting energy.