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4 Residential Projects That Carpentry Repair Services Can Handle

Your plan is to remain in your home for many more years. Before reaching retirement age, you would like to make a few updates. The good news is that the team from one of the local carpentry repair services can help you with many of those home improvement projects. Here are a few examples of what they can do.

Repairing Damaged Walls

Over time, the walls can experience more wear than many people realize. Perhaps there are holes in the drywall or possibly you want to get rid of aging paneling and replace it with something else. A carpenter can take a look and determine what it will take to undo the damage and update the look. Best of all, the professional already has all the tools needed to do the job. All that remains is your permission to get the materials and do the work.

Restoring Kitchen Cabinets

You like the kitchen cabinetry in general, but it could use some help. Maybe it’s time to replace some of the doors. Perhaps you wish the shelves could be adjusted rather than permanently fixed in one position. A professional from one of the local carpentry repair services can take a look at the cabinets, listen to what you would like to change, and come up with a plan for making it happen. It may take less effort than you realize to restore those cabinets and make them more functional than ever.

Revitalizing an Older Deck

You already spend a lot of time on the deck running along the back of the house. In the years ahead, you plan on spending even more time. That means making some updates to ensure the deck is in top shape. Thanks to the skills of a carpenter, it won’t take long to replace any sections that have deteriorated. The professional will make sure the deck supports are sturdy and even add new elements that improve the appearance and function of the outdoor space. Once the work is done, you’ll likely enjoy the deck in ways that you never did before.

Updating Built-In Bookshelves

The fireplace in the den is flanked with built-in bookshelves. You use them to display an eclectic collection of books, plants, framed pictures, and a few collectibles. Some of the shelves are sagging a little, and everything needs to be stripped, sanded, and either painted or stained. You can bet that a carpenter can take care of all those tasks. Once the work is done, those shelves will be more attractive and versatile than they’ve been in years.

These are only a few of the projects that a carpenter can take on. If you have anything that has to do with repairing or adding something to the home’s structure, call a contractor today. Set a date and time for the professional to visit your home and take a look. You’ll soon have a quote in hand that ensures you know what the work will cost. Once you accept the quote, all that’s left is to agree on a date for the work to get underway