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 4 Ways to Make Your Basement Look Bigger

 4 Ways to Make Your Basement Look Bigger

If your basement is feeling a little cramped, why not do some renovations to make it appear larger? Not only will this open the space and make it look as if it is much more inviting, but it may even attract more possible buyers if selling is in the cards in the next few years.

Here are four ways to make your basement look bigger.

1. Paint in Neutral Tones.

A great way to make a basement look bigger is to update the wall colour. If your walls are dark or warmer, it can make the space seem closed in. Opt for airy shades to give your basement a more streamlined appearance. You do not even need to move any accessories or furniture around for this step – a new wash of paint will do the trick! If you want your palette to match, keep furniture and appliances a similar colour.

2. Declutter.

If you use your basement as a storage space, consider adding in storage solutions such as shelves or units for a sleeker, more tucked-away look. Take any accessories you have lying around up off the floor and incorporate book racks or shelves, boxes, etc. Sometimes, utilities left hanging around can make a basement space look disorganized and cramped. If you have a lot of floor lamps, switch these out for wall sconces or hanging fixtures.

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3. Play with the Light.

If your basement does not receive any natural light, consider “mimicking” the appearance of natural light by using a variety of sources. This can work by using lamps with a variety of heights, placed in dark corners. Include wall fixtures or picture lighting and, finally, considering installing recessed lighting in the ceiling. All of this can help to open up your basement even more and eliminate dark corners.

4. Reorganize.

Any existing furniture you have in your basement may be cramping the space. Consider pushing larger pieces away from the walls. This may sound contradictory as many will assume by putting large furniture against the walls there will be an appearance of a larger space, but this does the opposite. If there is any furniture that is not serving any purpose, consider removing it. Large pieces may not work with the mood you are looking for. Opt instead for smaller or medium furniture.

With Any Basement Development Project, Location Matters!

If you are looking to sell in the next little while and attempting to make your basement appear bigger so that it appeals more to buyers, take location into account. Your design choices for your finished basement should be catered towards the desires of potential buyers. For example, Calgary basement development may be better catered towards young students looking for residence while they pursue a higher education. A real estate agent can help you get to know the needs and wants to the buyers in your area so that you can design your basement accordingly.