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6 Quirky Ways Of Decorating Your House During A Wedding

Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment that is more a festivity which brings the families together. Indian weddings with all the taam jhaam, shoo- shaa prove to be an expensive affair that is sure enough to burn a hole in your pocket. So your big is finally nearing and you are gearing up for it but are tight on a budget. What now! Who said being tight on budget is an obstacle in having a wedding of your dreams. Why not host your dream wedding at your home? Wait what! Yes couples if your tight on a budget then the best way to save on thousands of bucks on a wedding venue is simply to host a home wedding. If your home is big enough to host a wedding gathering then why not make it your wedding venue.

A home wedding not just aids in saving a thousands of bucks but also adds a touch of personalization to the wedding after all it is the place where you spend most part of your life. Since home wedding cuts down the cost of booking a wedding venue you simply can invest the saved amount in getting the decoration of your choice. Wedding decoration is what can transform a venue into a magical wonder making it a perfect choice for the fairytale dreamy wedding. So love birds are you in quest of ways in which you can make your home the ideal wedding venue?  Here  are some of the best home wedding decoration ideas that we have garnered from best wedding decorators in Kolkata. Check em’ out lovebirds.

  1. Flower Decor

The timeless charm and sheer elegance of flowers never seems to fade away. Floral decorations at weddings never go out of trend. The vibrant hues of the flowers make them a popular wedding decoration choice. Right from floral arches, floral ceilings, table centerpieces to aisle décor use your creativity and imagination to innovate with the floral décor.

  1. Accents And Accessories

Looking to add a dramatic touch to your wedding then why not fancy accents and accessories. Fill up the space and add an instant visual appeal to your wedding with the addition of accessories like pinwheels,  buntings, pom poms,, colorful drapes and dream catchers. The objective behind adding the fun accents is to add the much need of color to the wedding.

  1. Main Entry Decoration

When having a home wedding you simply cannot leave the main entry unattended as it is the first thing guests notice upon entering.  For a traditional wedding toran décor of Ashoka leaves and marigold flowers work best as it is said to add on to the auspicious of the weddings. For a modern, offbeat wedding you can opt for balloon arches, floral arches even perhaps you can have a balloon or floral sculpture installed at the entrance.

  1. Rangoli

Who said rangoli is just meant to be made on festivals like Diwali and Onam. Shunning the belief modern Indian weddings have embraced Rangoli as a decoration element. Give your entrance or wedding mandap a dramatic décor with a colorful rangoli. Give your rangoli an aesthetical touch as you enhance its beauty by placing earthen lamps in it.

  1. Crockery Décor

Got nice set of unused crockery sets at home why not use them now. Bring out your beautiful plates and make them your wedding wall décor. Stick the colorful plates to the wall with adhesive glue or stick on plate hangers. The Crockery décor adds touch of modernism and sophistication to your wedding.

  1. Wedding Monograms

Got pieces of wood left in the storehouse after the construction work? Transform the unused wooden planks into wedding signboards to give your wedding a rustic vibe. A decorative bride-to-be board outside the bride’s room or quirky reception signboard is a cute way of adding oodles of charm to your wedding.

So these are a few DIY home decoration ideas that can add more beauty to your weddings. Do you have any other home decoration idea for wedding? Tell us in the comments below about your wedding decoration plans. Now a days there are multiple options you will have of wedding venues, choose your home as your wedding venue and give a new look to your house.