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6 Reasons to choose fall for roof replacement

The roof of your home is one of the components of the house structure that takes maximum damage during different seasons round the year. It is always a good idea to go for a roof replacement every few years. It is necessary to get your home ready to guard you against snow, rain, and other weather hits in different seasons. So, if you are deciding to go for the installation of a new roof, fall is the best season for the job. It is the season that is preferred by almost all roofing services at Eltham. After your roof has taken plenty of hits of scorching sun, storms, and dust, it is the time to prepare it for the next challenge of a bitter cold coming up. Roofers see maximum bookings during the fall as it is the ideal time to bite the bullet. Some convincing reasons why you should choose fall for roof replacement work are the following.

Roof replacement is already a tough task and the blazing sun of summer makes it even more difficult. However, fall provides perfect temperature and supportive weather conditions for the workers to perform roofing tasks with better efficiency and precision. Also, the temperature during the fall is ideal for the installation of a roof and helps to better stick shingles together.

  • Storms are less likely

In most of the areas around the globe, summer and spring seasons are known to bring unexpected heavy storms. These thunderstorms can not only impede the working but can also undo the work already done putting all the efforts of the working in vain. Fall is often free from such sudden unfortunate incidents that can also put workers security in jeopardy.

  • The roof has experienced enough damage

Seasons before the fall are quite eventful with regular rains, harsh summer winds, and hurricanes. All these events negatively impact the roof and make it weaker and prone to damage. The risk is greater if the roof is nearly completing its lifetime. This makes fall the best time to replace the weathered roof with a new one for improved protection.

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  • Sealing is easier

The weather during fall is cooler than summer but still warm enough to aid and encourage the bonding between the roof shingles. It also supports insulation to get in place firmly. Installation in fall gives enough time to the new roof to bind strongly and seal the protection before the testing time comes.

  • The right time to create protection from pests

Cracks and holes in the roof are quite welcoming for pests like mice, raccoons, etc. These are more likely to house in your roof during winters to seek warmth and comfort. By replacing your roof in fall, you prevent these little critters to find a home in your attic and seal their entrance inside your home.

  • Save heating cost and even life

A damaged roof in winters can significantly increase the heating requirements inside the house. Small holes and cracks can leak the warmth out and make the inside cold. You will have to spend more on heating to keep the place cozy. It can also be fatal if proper care is not taken which is why replacing the roof and preparing your home for winters in fall is a smart idea.