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7 Bathroom Upgrades You Should Do For Your Home


Your bathroom is one of the most private places in your home. Just like your bedroom, it should be clean, tidy, and sanitized for comfort and safety. Likewise, an aesthetically pleasing bathroom also makes for a more attractive and inviting home. Take note of these seven upgrades you can do for your bathroom.

Add Color

Most bathrooms work on neutral hues like grays, whites, blacks, and a marbled mixture of these hues. Add brighter colors to create bolder statements in your bathroom. Paint your cabinetry with blue, pink, yellow, or lavender for a welcoming and glowing ambiance in your bathroom. Green shades are perfect for making your bathroom a refreshing place to bathe, relax, and do your business.

Use Various Textures

Make your bathroom look more inviting and aesthetically pleasing by using different textures on your walls, floors, cabinetry, and decor. Textured tile floors aren’t only pretty; they also add grip for your feet to avoid slipping even when they’re wet.

Convert your shower or bathroom walls to granite, pebbled tiles, engineered wood panels, or bricks to create a more exciting bathing place. Some shower stalls in Zinnia Towers’ residential suites use brick-like tiles that add a countryside feel to the creams and grays of the units’ overall aesthetic.

Build a pathway from your door to your bath area by placing tiles, smooth stones, bricks, and lumber. Look at pictures of garden pathways on the Internet to have a clearer idea of how to recreate it in your bathroom.

Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

Like your living room, kitchen, and home office, a brighter bathroom fosters a happier, more relaxing, and welcoming environment. If your bathroom is positioned in a darker part of your house, upgrade your lighting system with brighter, energy-saving, and decorative lighting fixtures. Frame your vanity mirrors with lights like those in make-up vanity mirrors to add a more luxurious feel to doing makeup, skincare, and brushing. Add lights in your cabinets, especially the medicine cupboard, to look for the right medication quickly and to avoid getting cut by razors.

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Replace Toilet Bowl

Since the toilet bowl is one of your bathroom’s most essential parts, make “doing business” more comfortable and efficient. Replace your old toilet bowl with a low-flow, hidden-flank toilet to save water with every flush. The hidden-flank feature also saves space because its cistern is hidden, which is ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Install a Bidet or Jet Spray

Along with replacing your toilet bowl, make washing more sanitary and clean after using the toilet by installing a jet spray or a bidet close to your toilet bowl. You won’t have to worry about unwanted smells coming from used toilet paper piling in your trash bin.

Add a Vent Fan

If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, install a vent fan to absorb foul odors that will make your bathroom a stinking mess. You want your bathroom to look and smell clean. A vent fan also absorbs extra moisture from your walls and floor that may cause molds and mildew to grow. It also dries out steamy mirrors by absorbing the water droplets that may otherwise stain them.

Install Extra Storage

Keep your towels, medicine, skincare products, and grooming devices clean and dry by adding extra storage in your bathroom. Add cabinets below the sink to organize your cleaning products and keep them away from your kids’ and pets’ reach. Place storage containers close to your sink to hold your toothbrushes, mouthwash, razor, and face towels. Doing so avoids overcrowding your sink or vanity area.

Add Shower Benches

Make your shower like a comfortable spa and sauna by adding a shower bench where you can sit while scrubbing, cleansing, and shaving. A shower bench also adds more storage for your products, scrubs, and towels.

Overall, upgrading your bathroom means making it more comfortable, functional, and appealing. These seven upgrades are just some of the practical enhancements you can do for your bathroom. Assess which tips are suitable for your bathroom’s needs and style, and build your perfect lavatory and shower.