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7 Unique Advantages of Using Roman Shades for Window Covering

7 Unique Advantages of Using Roman Shades for Window Covering

Window coverings instantly uplift the look of your space. When on the search for a decorative cum functional window treatment, roman shades deliver on both fronts. Their fabric panels stack into horizontal pleats as you raise them using a cord or cordless mechanism.

These shades protect you from the sun when indoors and offer you privacy too. Shades in fabric soften your room by lending a homely feel to your interiors. The versatility that a roman shade boasts of enables it to transform an office setting seamlessly.

Choose Right

Considering roman shades are available in interesting varieties, base your selection on the listed parameters:

Complementary Design, Color, and Fabric

The shade’s color, design, and fabric must complement your overall décor. Fabrics like polyester, cotton, silk, and linen display designs ranging from florals and patterns to solids and stripes.

A neutral-colored fabric helps to tone down bright décor while shades in bold and colorful patterns stand out in a subtly decorated room.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Your fabric choice determines the amount of time and effort you invest in maintaining your window treatment. The roman version of shades comprising light to medium material is convenient to spot clean and machine washable.

Convenient Mounting Options

Mounting your roman shade inside the window frame allows you to combine them with blackout curtains. When the only mounting option lies outside the window frame, incorporating additional coverings is ruled out.

Practical Folding Style

A roman shade has four variations of fabric folds which include:

  • Flat folds that facilitate privacy control and light-filtering
  • Soft folds appear voluminous when raised, and their curved fold remains visible when lowered
  • European or relaxed folds have a rod sewn into their lowest section to create a stiff and straight line
  • Plain folds lend the shade more body and texture

Unique Advantages

Listed below are seven unique advantages that you benefit from on equipping your windows with roman shade installations:

Ageless and Versatile Window Treatment

Looking for Unique Kitchen Shades? Soft Roman Shades Do the Trick!

Due to their versatility, roman shades gel beautifully with living, dining, bedroom, and home office settings. The range of fabric materials, colors, textures, and fold styles ensure you find a compatible match. Their classic design is ageless, so you can flaunt this roman window treatment for years without it seeming outdated.

Cuts Energy Costs

In colder weather, a heavier roman shade retains the warmth of your heating device indoors. When the sun’s scorching rays penetrate your home, your air conditioning has to work extra hard to cool the surroundings.

The shade’s insulating properties allow your HVAC unit to function optimally thereby, keeping your monthly energy bills in check. A lining of thermal acrylic foam helps to maintain an optimum internal temperature.

Operates with Ease

With roman shades, you get the option of a motorized mechanism or manual cord to operate them. Although there is no chance of the cord getting stuck while you pull it up or down, the cordless operating system is a safer bet.

Cords pose a strangulation hazard, especially where kids and pets reside. Shades with a provision to remotely operate them offer maximum convenience.

Impressive Design Options

Some popular roman shade designs include borders, piping, shaped fascias, fabric combinations, and trimmings. Shaped fascias are available in zigzag and colonial versions.

The latter blends well with most décor, while zigzag fascias are suited for bathrooms and kids’ zones. Pipings and trimmings add colorful accents, while borders contribute to enhancing your specific color theme.

Easy on Maintenance

You can easily clean your roman shade using a microfiber duster or your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment. Both these tools eliminate any pet hair and dust particles that the shade may accumulate with time. The practice of maintaining your roman shade increases its life expectancy and improves your indoor air quality.

Suitable for Tight Spaces

Installing a roman shade offers the perfect solution when you wish to create a cozy and airy ambiance within a tight space. These do not add bulk nor require you to relocate furniture for proper fitment and operations.

You can neatly fold your roman blinds to give your interiors a spacious feel. Drapes, on the other hand, occupy space and make your room appear even smaller.

Highly Customizable

A shade can offer your windows maximum protection, privacy, and coverage with a perfect match. With roman blinds, you will find a shade in sizes, shapes, textures, colors, fabrics, and designs to suit your lifestyle, décor, and preference. Adjusting the shade to minimize sunlight exposure prevents fading damage.

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