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8 Storage Ideas for The Bedroom

8 Storage Ideas for The Bedroom

If you have a compact and cute bedroom but generally feel lack in space, then you need some innovative storage ideas for your bedroom design. When you have a smaller space, it is best to maximise space and utilise every inch available to you. This is especially true if you live in an Indian metro city, and have little space at your disposal.

Here are some creative and thoughtful smart storage ideas to help you make the best out of the space available to you

Headboard Shelf

Do you like to keep books by your bedside but didn’t have the space for an elaborate bedside table? Here’s a smart solution. Construct a shelf right within the headboard. This interior design idea will go a long way in saving up space and also making sure that you always have a book when you are comfortably tucked into bed. It also works as an added decorative feature for your bed design and you can actually decorate the same using small lights and colours.

Built-in Wall Cabinets

Another thing you can do to enhance your bedroom design is having wall cabinets that store all your showpieces, books, photographs, trophies, and more. These wall cabinets are built-in to the wall by default and makes it easy to reach things.

Smart TV Unit

It is best to go for a smart TV unit display for your compact bedroom design. If it is a singular, small television then you can put it up on the wall and it will look neat and tidy. If it is a bigger television unit with speakers, home theatre system, and the like- then it is best to go for a built-in TV cum display unit. Make a unit that also has drawers and cabinets for other home entertainment storage.

Bedside Table with Storage

If you do have some space for a bedside table, make sure you take one with extra drawers and open shelves. This way you can store your personal bedside belongings such as books, spectacle case, bedroom lamp, etc. within an arm’s reach.

Floor-To-Ceiling Wardrobe

When starved of space, it makes sense to have a wardrobe that utilizes space in a smart way. Go for a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall wardrobe to store all your clothes and other belongings. This in-built wardrobe will maximise your storage. Make sure you go for a neutral colour palette while decorating this wardrobe, as you don’t want it to look too imposing and cluttered. Subtle and sophisticated works best.

Bed with Storage

This is an interior design idea to never miss out on in your bedroom. Having a bed with storage will give you the much needed room to store your blankets, sheets, extra pillows, and much more. It will make sure that the precious space below your bed is never wasted.

Window Cabinet

Another creative storage idea for your bedroom design is to have an under-window cabinet where you can store extra clothing, winter wear, extra linens, bathrobes, and so on.

Multi-Tasking Window Seat

Alternatively, you can make a multi-functioning window seat, which will allow you to watch and enjoy the outdoors through the window as well as become a built-in storage for your things.