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Alternative Hot Water Services And Their Advantages

Alternative Hot Water Services And Their Advantages

Electrically powered hot water is the number one contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Australia. But believe it or not, this is not the only option you have when it comes to supplying your home with a sufficient supply of hot water. There are many other avenues that can do this for you while saving the planet considerable amounts of damage and without you having to compromise your lifestyle. You may even find that alternative options result in being quite a hefty money saver. Some of these options include gas power, a heat pump, or making use of solar energy. Let’s take a closer look at these options and the benefits they have to offer below.

Gas Heated Water 

The use of natural gas as a means to supply your home with hot water Service is a far more reliable, economical and eco-friendly alternative to electrically powered heat. Firstly, in the midst of a power failure, you won’t have to worry about your water’s heating system being compromised as gas runs on its own supply. It’s also extremely efficient in terms of how quickly it can heat up a fresh tank of water as opposed to electricity. No more waiting for hours on end to take that much longed for bathe during the winter months. And just as a side note, we recommend looking into a gas system that doesn’t rely on a pilot light to function as these burn continuously and will end up costing you in the short and long run. The initial installation costs will be substantial but as a long-term investment, you will undoubtedly be saving money.

Heat Pumps

This is by far the most impressive alternative system in terms of the efficiency and sustainability it offers. How it works, is it essentially pumps heat from one source to another using a compressor and a circulating gas refrigerant, which takes the outside heat and pumps it indoors. It can also work in reverse and be used to cool the interior of your home. Because it’s predominantly gas-powered, this system requires a lot less electricity in order to operate. As you may have guessed, your options here vary and along with that, so do the price ranges. Installing a heat pump into your residency is undeniably an investment but it’s one that is well worth it in the long run if you are willing to commit and eager to see long-term improvements in your energy bills.

Solar Energy 

Solar energy as a means to heat your water relies on the energy provided by the sun, meaning that this form of energy is entirely renewable, sustainable and ultimately free! All you need to do is invest in and install thermal solar panels onto your roof and the sun will naturally supply power to your home throughout. Another selling point to this method is that by installing the panels in your home, you’re simultaneously adding to the overall value of your property making this method of heating water a rather desirable one. Solar water heating is another fantastic way to decrease your carbon footprint as you’re only using natural means to supply the energy. However, this incredible option does come with one or two downfalls. One of these being that the panels can be somewhat costly to install. However, you have to consider moving forward, the overall cost of power massively decreasing throughout your home. It also relies solely on the sun’s rays and so, if you are in a location that doesn’t receive optimum amounts of sunshine, you won’t be benefiting from this system much.

Daily, you and your family are going to require hot water in the home and in varying amounts. We have established that electricity running off coal is harsh on the environment as well as being costly in the long run. With these incredible alternatives, you can enjoy an endless supply of hot water without the guilt or the extra money wasted. We can offer you this service, so call us today for assistance with yours.