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Avoiding Allergy Angst


Allergies can cause your eyes to itch and your nose to drip like a broken faucet. People who are prone to allergies, therefore, often do whatever they can to avoid the causes of these unpleasant reactions. It might not be possible to completely eradicate allergens from your life. You can, however, take steps to reduce your exposure to certain substances, such as pollen, mold, pets, and dust, that can trigger allergic reactions.

Pollen Predicaments

During pollen season, when pollen counts are the highest, keep the windows closed. Rely, instead, on the air conditioner to maintain a cool temperature in the house. It can also be beneficial to find someone to temporarily mow your lawn for you. As well, showering and then changing into fresh clothes after you’ve spent time outside can help you to limit your exposure.

Mold Mishaps

Try to ensure that areas of the house that are prone to mold, such as the bathroom, are kept dry. Installing an exhaust fan that will run while someone is showering or bathing can reduce moisture and mold accumulation. Plumbing fixtures for the sink and toilet should be inspected for mold as well as for leaks. If repairs are needed, consider choosing a local professional. If you reside in Austin, you might want to contact a plumber Austin residents recommend. Bath mats and shower curtains can harbor mold, and they should be cleaned well. The bathtub, shower, and faucets can also benefit from thorough scrubbings. Wallpaper can be replaced with tile, or the walls can be coated with mold-resistant enamel paint.


Pet Problems

If you are contemplating getting a pet, consider breeds that have a reputation as being more suitable for those who have allergies. Once a pet has begun sharing your home, limit its access to certain areas, and thereby limit your exposure to allergens. Not allowing pets in your bedroom, for instance, or into your bed as furry sleep partners, can also be beneficial. If your pets can spend part of the day outside, this can also reduce your contact with the allergy-provoking dander that their fur carries.

Dust Dilemmas

Compared to rooms with bare hardwood floors, rooms with carpets are prone to collect and accumulate more dust. Simply removing rugs from various rooms, therefore, can be helpful. If rugs are an absolute necessity in certain rooms, choose rugs that are washable, and then wash them on a regular basis. If wall-to-wall carpeting exists throughout the house, consider replacing sections of it with hardwood, linoleum, concrete, or vinyl flooring. In addition, mattresses, pillows, and box springs can be encased in dust-mite-proof covers.

These represent only some suggestions for certain airborne allergies. They should, however, trigger thinking instead of sneezing.