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Best Upgrades When Building a New Home

Best Upgrades When Building a New Home

It can be easy to go over your budget when designing new builds with operational upgrades. There is a lot involved, and most upgrades tempting you can be costly. Of course, the first order of business is to decide what you can afford and can’t.

If your builder provides a designer, then that person may take through the design of your home as per your needs. However, if your builder doesn’t provide you with one, you can still use the following upgrades realtors in Atlanta, GA, have suggested:

1.      Tilework in the Master Bathroom

Upgrading your bathroom’s bath/shower and floors may add up very quickly. To save cash, you may opt to go with a standard option in your bathrooms, apart from the master bathroom.

If possible, you may ask for the tile floor staggered to have an upgrade appearance without spending a lot of money. But master bathrooms need extra pizzas. And according to experts, it will be best to upgrade to add a point of interest around your shower or bath. This may comprise a shelf inset, horizontal border, or mosaic glass tile waterfall.

2.      More Lighting

Standard new construction homes come with lighting. However, when upgrading your home, you may have the option of adding more lighting.

Make your hard-earned money count by concentrating on rooms where more lighting is required, like bathrooms and kitchens.

Remember, lighting is functional and adds warmth as well as brightness to your space. Although too much lighting might not be noteworthy to potential future buyers, lacking it can be notable.

3.      Smart Technology

Smart technology for homes has greatly advanced. These days, you can make things a lot easier in your home through smart technology. This is why most realtors recommend investing in a home with smart upgrades. Most of these upgrades can enable you to synch up a smartphone with most of the functions in your residence, including playing music, unlocking/locking doors, and controlling your AC/HVAC system.

While all these capabilities bring convenience, security is among the greatest benefits of installing smart technology. If you didn’t lock your door when you left the house, smart technology could enable you to close it from your mobile device. Plus, if you have installed a security system, you may use your smartphone to view the security cameras.

4.      Kitchen Storage and Benchtops

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. So it makes sense to upgrade the space from the outset. Begin with the design and material of the benchtop. It must be durable, timeless, and simple to use.

Always choose a unique design, which is less likely to go out of style to increase the resale value. For this, you can opt for high-quality materials, such as quartz bench tops, as they are durable, easy to care for, and stylish.

Upgrading the storage is another smart move. You can maximize the space of your kitchen by setting up the cabinets and cupboards where they matter the most.


At the end of the day, you have the freedom to do what you want. It is your money, your house. Some builders offer designers to help with the decision process. But like you, they are humans and can make personal biases. So only you may customize your home to suit your needs.