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Choosing And Installing Louvre Roofs For Your Hotel

Choosing And Installing Louvre Roofs For Your Hotel

Hotels have been designed with comfort in mind, comfortable rooms and leisurely relaxation areas. However, a main selling point of a hotel selling rooms is how it looks. And what’s better to make your hotel look more sophisticated than louvre roofs? If your hotel could do with a facelift to increase rooms for sale, a louvre roof could assist the rate of bookings by adding style, function and aesthetic to your property. Here’s how to choose between louvre roof styles for your hotel.

Lose The Standard Hotel Awnings 

Everyone has seen standard hotel awnings. They’re usually made of fabric and installed over doors and windows. They produce shade and reflect the aesthetic quality to the hotel – if you’re living in the 1980s. Fabric awnings might have added to the style and design of hotels forty years ago, but today they tend to look dated. If you have standard hotel awnings installed in your hotel now, think about replacing them with outdoor louvre blinds tol give your hotel a more modern and sophisticated look. Fabric awnings have had their moment in the sun, but now is the time to put them to rest and replace them with something more modern.

Louvre roofs over outdoor dining and entertainment areas can provide the same benefits, sun and privacy control and style. Fabric umbrellas are traditionally used to shade guests from the sun, but as soon as the weather turns the umbrella does not fair well. If you want to utilise your outdoor dining and entertainment areas regardless of the weather you can, with an operable louvre roof. Guests can open the louvres to enjoy the sky above, or close them to create a comfortable haven underneath.

Determining The Size Of Your Louvre Roof 

The size of the area and the location of your hotel or motel will help determine the size of what your louvre roof will be. Louvred roofs and outdoor louvred blinds are custom made to your design requirements, so if you are ready to extend the size of your outdoor dining, relaxation and pool lounging areas consider opening roofs and sun louvres. The Louvretec sales team can assist you with your design options.

Durability Of Aluminium

Louvretec sun louvres are constructed of aluminium. It’s lightweight but durable. It can be powder coated or anodised so it will match the colours of your hotel.

Should You Install A Fixed, Motorised Or  Retractable Roof?

Louvretec has three operating styles for their Opening Roofs; hand operable, motorised or retractable. Motorised Opening Roofs are the most commonly installed, especially over decks and patios in homes and offices. Retractable roofs have the added feature of being able to retract the overhead louvre blades back so you can enjoy the view above, or the louvres can be motorised back in place when sun and weather protection is required.

With so many design options, the Louvre roof for sales team offer no obligation site visits and quotations.  If you want to utilise your hotel to the fullest consider installing louvre roofs over your outdoor dining, pool area and entertainment areas to modernise your hotel and provide a comfortable relaxation area for your guests to enjoy.