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Compound Zed East, Everything you Need to Know

Compound Zed East, Everything you Need to Know

Compound Zed east is one of the most outstanding areas to take place in and reside considering the natural environment, entertainment areas and its luxurious fancy, you will have the greatest time of your life.

Zed East New Cairo was mainly built to provide a totally new experience within the 5th settlement of New Cairo in Egypt, as the standards the compound was built with is considered the top within the real estate industry not only in Egypt, but worldwide.

Developer of Zed New Cairo

Ora Developments (the owner of Compound Zed East) is a highly superb engineering company famously known for perfecting projects and creating deluxe residential businesses to guarantee your entertainment while also maintaining great quality.
Ora Developments has also been previously associated with creating other successful projects such as: Compound Zed Towers, Pyramid Hills and Nile City Towers, they also have been associated with projects that exist in other countries other than Egypt such as, The Silversands Resort in Grenada, Twenty Grosvenor Square (London), Great Britain Project, Ayia Napa Marina (Cyprus) and Eighteen Project (Pakistan)

Location of Zed East

Compound Zed East takes place at the end of Teseen street within the 5th Settlement and New Cairo. It has a strategic position giving it access to all close roads and all prominent places within Cairo, as compound Zed Apartments also take place near: Heliopolis, Nasr City, The American University, Cairo’s Airport and the New Administrative Capital.

Zed East New Cairo Compound

Prices of Zed New Cairo

Ora developments has given an array of options you can pick from when deciding how you want to reside and what suits you best, you can also pick from different apartments in Zed compound including:

  • 1 bedroom apartment sized at 85 square meters, will have a cost that ranges between 2.3 and 2.4 million EGP.
  • 2-bedroom apartment given 104 square meters; its cost will be around 2.57 million EGP.
  • 3-bedroom apartment sized at 139 square meters; its cost will be around 3.57 million EGP.
  • You can purchase a penthouse given with 3 bedrooms having 219 square meters with the cost of about 6.35 million EGP.
  • A chalet with 3 bedrooms the size of 175 square meter will cost around 6.71 million EGP
  • A 195 square meter villa townhouse will cost around 7.73 million EGP.
  • The price of a twin house villa in Zed New Cairo with the size of 226 square meter will cost around 10.08 million EGP
  • You can buy a villa standalone with the size of 254 square meter, the price will start at 12.84 million EGP.

Zed Compound East Facilities and Services

Ora developments also provides you with a series of services including:

  • Security, surveillance cameras and guards to guarantee safety.
  • Gardens and special roads for walking, running or cycling.
  • Pharmacies, clinics and supermarkets are everywhere in Zed New Cairo.
  • Clubouses, swimming pools, gyms and a sports club.