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Developing And Maintaining Your Pond

Developing And Maintaining Your Pond

Few people can resist the pleasure of watching the sunset over the ocean or going for a boat ride on a lake. Property on the shores of oceans and lakes can be incredibly expensive, though. If you want to live by water but can’t find a good option by one of these large bodies of water, consider a pond.

Existing Ponds

In many states, ponds exist naturally or were installed many years ago and are now part of the environment. These ponds do still require upkeep if you want them to look appealing and contribute positively to your local ecosystem. Speak to a local environmental club or rangers from a nearby state or national park to find out what the native species are. You may find that your pond is a host for an invasive species of fish or plants. If so, find out what actions you can take to decrease the invasive species. For example, you could attempt to get rid of as many of the fish as possible by inviting friends to come and fish at your pond.

Another concern with existing ponds is the buildup of algae. Algae is not only ugly, but it also can take all the nutrients out of the water so that nothing else can live there. If your pond has so much algae that it is not salvageable, you could consider having a company that specializes in water waste hauling take away the infested water. Then, you would need to refill the pond and find ways to prevent algae from growing back. Avoid using chemical algicides, since they are frequently bad for the surrounding ecosystem.

New Ponds

You may be unable to purchase property that has a pond due to a variety of factors such as your budget and commute time. However, if you have enough land, you could install a pond. These are much harder to maintain than existing ponds since the landscape does not naturally sustain them. Companies can help you figure out the best location for each one. You will need to pay to have a hole dug, to have rocks or sand delivered and installed and to have the pond filled. You also need to investigate filtration systems, the types of fish you can stock the pond with and any legislation your town has concerning the development of ponds.

Enjoy the natural beauty of water by living near a pond. You’ll appreciate your property and spend more time outside relaxing.