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Don’t You Just Love Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring?

Deciding to get hardwood floors in your home or to replace the flooring that you have is no easy decision. It takes a lot of time to consider all of your options and to figure out which one will be the best for your lifestyle and building. One of the most beautiful is Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring.

Brazilian cherry hardwoods are rich in hue, and they can make a large room with tons of natural light feel more warm and inviting. This type of flooring is usually much more durable than American cherry. So, if you live in a home that has a lot of foot traffic, and the floor is prone to getting dented and scratched, this is a great option.You can have the deep colors and beauty of hardwood in your home without having to worry too much about the floor getting damaged whenever your kids roll their toys around on it.

Brazilian cherry is the hardest wood flooring that we offer. So you can feel more confident in your choice of this type of wood if you think that the floor is liable to be damaged. This wood can handle whatever life throws at it.

Another plus to Brazilian cherry hardwood is that it comes in a wide range of deep red colors. Here’s a cool fact about this type of wood: over time, it will change color because it is sensitive to light, just like American cherry. The color will only become more beautiful with time, so don’t worry about it looking awful in a few years and not matching your home’s décor anymore.


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Since the colors of Brazilian cherry hardwood are naturally so rich, we don’t recommend staining it. It looks stunning as it is, and this can cut down on the maintenance of having to have it scraped and re-stained down the line for you. While it will still need to be sealed and protected, you won’t have to mess with the extra step of choosing a stain and having that part of the process done when it is installed or when it is time for maintenance in a few years.

Our professional installers will do an excellent job of putting in your new Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring, and if you have any questions about which type would be best for your home, our consultants are available to answer them when you visit our showroom or give us a call.