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Four Maintenance Aspects Your Property Managers Will Focus On To Keep Your Property In Top Shape

Property Managers

One of the major responsibilities of rental property owners is to take care of their properties the way they take care of their residential homes. But, usually, landlords fall behind in terms of maintaining their properties or expect their tenants to handle general maintenance themselves.  However, property maintenance is important to prolong the life of the property and avoid major repairs.

If you are a landlord and want your investment property to last, no matter the types of tenants you will have, you should implement a routine maintenance plan. For most rental property owners, this is too much to handle, so they choose to work with experts in Pasadena property management. This ensures their properties withstand the test of time and continuously generate a positive cash flow for them every year. A reputable property management company will keep your property in perfect condition by paying attention to the following aspects:

Pest Control

As a property owner, you must offer a safe and habitable place for tenants. Thus, you need to make sure your rental is free of all pests and rodents before you let a tenant move in. Then, your tenant will have to make sure no pest infestation will happen. But, you should also understand that tenants are not proactive about pest control. To make sure you don’t deal with too much damage that an infestation can have on your property’s structure, regular extermination must be carried out. Your property manager knows that while this approach involves a cost, it is essential to avoid or reduce turnover and vacancy rates.

Routine Inspections

These inspections can significantly affect your property’s longevity. Your property manager will ensure to perform this, checking for things such as broken windows, water leaks, full gutters, rotting wood, and more. By regularly monitoring your property’s exterior, property managers can spot problem areas before they become significant ones. Routine inspections make sure your property’s structure stays sound throughout the year and prevents costly repairs down the line.


As a landlord, you cannot assume your tenants can maintain both the front and backyard landscaping. That is why your property manager may choose to hire a professional landscaper to perform the job. Professional landscaping improves the visual appeal of your property, creates an inviting getaway your tenants can enjoy, creates good curb appeal, and increases property value.

Property Managers

HVAC System Maintenance

Repairing or replacing an entire HVAC system is one of the major repairs you can face as a landlord. This makes routine employee tracking maintenance a must. Your property managers will have your property’s HVAC system professionally serviced at least once a year. This will save your tenants money every month on energy costs, improves your property’s air quality, and prevents emergency repairs. Also, they may give your tenants a welcome package upon move-in that includes a maintenance checklist with instructions on how to maintain the HVAC system and what they must do when something breaks. Finally, they will have the HVAC ducts re-sealed to make sure the system works efficiently at all times.