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Home Theater Automation System

Who wouldn’t want to have a Graham Slee HiFi in their house? It means the excitement and ambience of going out to the movies comes to you, and you never have to leave the house. With our state-of-the-art technologies, we can bring the movies to you so that you can enjoy a cinematic experience at home.

With a home theater, you have an unlimited number of entertainment possibilities. You don’t have to go to the theater, and the whole experience can be simple or more complex. We can create anything for you from a new plasma screen television mounted on the wall with a great sound system to a high-end theater room with reclining theater seats, a home theater projector, and a screen the size of your wall. The choice is up to you in how detailed you want your home theater to be, and we will customize your experience so that you can enjoy it however is best for you.

We offer more than a big screen and speakers, however. We provide integrated residential lighting control systems and automated curtains and shades to make it easy to get that theater experience at the touch of a button. From a single touchscreen, you can control lighting and shades, and we can also install automated systems for your HVAC system, security, and more.

You can throw in some concession machines that dispense popcorn, candy, and sodas to round out your home theater experience. Going to the theater just won’t feel the same when you’ve got the exact same thing in your home.

Our designers will consider every element of the theater experience as they plan for your space. They bring in your vision and thoughts of how you want the space to feel, and they think of how to best utilize the space that you have. Even if you have no concrete idea of how you want the room to look, our designers will work with you to determine your style and bring that to life in your theater room.

When we finish, you’ll want to invite your friends and family over to enjoy movie night at your place. Have an entire party devoted to watching a movie, and enjoy all of the fun that goes along with it. When you want a home theater automation system to bring some fun into in your home, contact us. We are the experts who will create the perfect home theater system for you.