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How To Choose A Perfect Wardrobe (Kommoden)

Perfect Wardrobe

You should have in mind that finding a proper wardrobe for your bedroom is highly important, but before you enroll in searching and browsing, you should check out your old one.

Remember that shopping for a new one is the perfect opportunity that will allow you to solve a few problems along the way. For instance, maybe you do not need a new wardrobe, but only an upgrade of an existing one.

Everything depends on what you wish to solve and achieve because in some cases, you will be able to do it without spending a significant amount of money.

Therefore, you should ask yourself whether you need more shelf space, hanging space, a taller wardrobe, and whether you can achieve that by upgrading the existing one.

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It depends on your preferences for clothing storage, because you may notice that you require more space to place your clothes than you need for folding. Remember that wardrobes come with a wide array of combinations when it comes to interior storage.

You have to choose the one that will provide you flexibility when it comes to matching shelves and mixing clothes, drawers, and hang-rail length that will suit your needs.

The First Question: Size

Perfect Wardrobe

The answer can be as simple as it gets because the size should be as big as you require, but if you overdo it, you will not be able to fit it in the room. In case you have a small bedroom, you probably know the importance of floor space, so stop thinking horizontally and think vertically instead.

The first step is measure the area where you wish to place the new wardrobe. It is vital to make a note of ideal as well as maximum and minimum height, depth and width.

This will be handy when you are searching for ones you need because you can narrow the search down only for the ones that can fit your measurements.

At the same time, you have to make sure that you have enough space to stand in front of it and open drawers and doors along the way. In case you have a small bedroom, the sliding door is the best solution that you can make.

Most of them come in two options: freestanding and fully fitted. If you have additional money on your budget, you should hire someone to take measurements instead of you and to provide you with a custom design that will match your bedroom based on your preferences.

You should take the length of the entire wall, which is an excellent idea if you have rooms with odd angles. However, the freestanding wardrobe is perfect because you can travel with it when you decide o move, or sell it in case you wish to replace it.

How To Match The Bedroom?

The idea is to find the wardrobe that will match with the rest of the bedroom furniture because if you buy something completely different, you will create an awkward appearance. For instance, you do not need an antique one with cabriole legs in case you have a contemporary room style.

Of course, style is continually changing and experimenting is something that creates a difference. You can also play by creating contrasts when it comes to styles, but in general, most wardrobe buyers are more likely to find the one that represents the perspective of the entire household.

Therefore, if you have an oak bed, the best choice that you can make is to find an oak wardrobe. If you notice plenty of pine, then you should go with this particular material and so on.

Different Types Of Wardrobes

1.   Single Wardrobe

These wardrobes (Kommode) are perfect for small bedrooms; the idea is to find a narrow and tall wardrobe that will use the vertical space instead of a horizontal one.

Have in mind that single wardrobes are perfect for guest rooms, or if you wish to store a few items in a child’s room that require less space than others do require.

2.   Double Wardrobe

Double door wardrobes are also popular choices, especially since they can also fit in small and average bedrooms.

Everything depends on your interior style and hardware you wish to get, but they can feature shelving, drawers, and hanging spaces inside that will meet all your needs.

3.   Triple Wardrobe

This is not the best solution for small bedrooms, but they are perfect for average to large size ones instead.

You will have numerous storage combinations that will allow you to place dresses, jumpers, shoes, which means that if you have plenty of clothes, this is the best solution for your needs.

4.   4-Door Wardrobe

If you own a large bedroom, you will need an appropriate wardrobe that will accommodate your requirements. It is a great solution where you can store everything you have from old baby clothes to things you currently wear.

You can even make space to place vital documents you are keeping inside the household, which is another crucial factor that you should remember before buying.