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How To Create Your Dream Outdoor Setting

How To Create Your Dream Outdoor Setting

It’s important to have an outdoor setting that you love. Your outdoor area is a space that you can enjoy with loved ones or relax by yourself in the warmer months. It doesn’t matter about the size of your space, there are many different tricks and ideas you can use to utilise the space you have to create your dream outdoor setting.

Design Before You Buy 

Before you start buying your outdoor furniture and accessories design and plan your outdoor space. It’s important to make sure you’ll have enough space to walk around your furniture comfortably. Your furniture needs to be in proportion to your space. If your furniture is too big it will make your space looks too small. Start by spending time in your space and map out where you would like your furniture and outdoor accessories to be. If you spend the time to design your space first you will create a clear vision and plan for which pieces you need to create an inviting outdoor space.

Colour Palette 

Once you’ve decided on the placement of where your furniture is going to be, it’s time to think about your palette. Creating a palette for your outdoor space will create an impressive visual impact and a cohesive feel. If you’re not sure what palette you would like outside, why not continue the one that you have indoors. This will make your indoor and outdoor space feel bigger as it will look like an extension of your indoor living space outside. If you have dark floors inside then purchase dark wood for your outside deck. Decide on the atmosphere you would like to create outside. If you’re needing a space to relax, make your outdoor setting your own private oasis. Choose soothing colours highlighted in outdoor pillows and other accessories that promote a feeling of relaxation for yourself. If you love to entertain and socialise then introduce a bolder colour palette that lifts the mood and creates a great backdrop for your outdoor gathering.


When choosing your outdoor furniture look at materials that won’t get blown away on windy days. If you don’t think you’ll be wanting to move your furniture around, look at permanent furniture including built-in seating and a daybed. If you don’t want built-in furniture choose pieces made from cast iron or steel that you can move but will stay in place when the weather turns. Depending on the size of your space, invest in an outdoor feature that not only looks good but is practical such as a fire pit that everyone can gather around.


Lighting is a great way to add to the ambiance of your outdoor space. No matter the size or your space there is a wide range of different outdoor lighting for you to choose from. If you have a bigger outdoor area look at purchasing a dramatic pendant light to create a visual treat for your guests. If you have outdoor steps or paths it’s important for these to be lit up for your friends and family so they can see where they are going and improve safety. If you have a smaller space, string fairy lights are a versatile lighting solution that can be hung on a tree or a patio wall providing an illuminated backdrop.


Create natural colours and textures with some plants and greenery. If your outside area is small you can still create a sanctuary full of greenery. Purchases planter boxers that can hang from your balcony. Fill these boxes with plants or grow your own herbs. If you have a bare wall create a vertical garden to brighten the area up taking it from bland to a striking feature wall. If you don’t have any wall space you can purchase hanging plants instead. Enjoy choosing complimentary hanging plant pots.


Make sure you have enough space for your guests to sit. You want you friends and family to feel relaxed and comfortable. There is a wide range of seating solutions to fit no matter what your space is like. If you have a larger outdoor space look at daybeds, outdoor couches and sofas or oversized chairs. If you’re limited with space, benches and stools that can slide into other furniture or can be staked are ideal. Make sure you have plenty of comfortable cushions on stand by for long outdoor meals with your guests.