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How to Repair Rotted Window Frame

How to Repair Rotted Window Frame

Each item has its own service life. Over time, windows cannot still perfectly cope with the main functions assigned to them: protection from noise and cold. Then the owners of houses and apartments face the most important task – to restore all the necessary window functions, while maintaining the chosen style of architecture and construction. And the homeowner can achieve this by the wooden window frame repairs. In this article, we will tell you how to do a do-it-yourself window frame repair in Chicago.

The first step is to remove the window. Often, in private houses, window frames are simply inserted into the opening, and they can be removed using a pry bar. The main thing is to apply force evenly, moving the mount along the entire height of the window and on both sides so that the window does not warp.

Glass must be removed. It is usually fixed with a small nail, which are often hidden under putty. There are special tools for removing putty, but it can also be done with a chisel.

After all the glass is removed, you can begin to clean and restore wooden surfaces. You can use a hair dryer to remove the paint. Or a special corrosive paint remover. It is applied to the surface, and it destroys the paint. Be sure to use gloves when working with the remover.

Now that the paint has been removed, the extent of damage to the rotten window frame can be fully assessed. Your next, actions depend on how damaged the windows are. The rotten wood must be removed from rotten areas. Further, according to the circumstances: if the dents are small, they can be puttied. For medium-sized damage that putty cannot cope with, you can prepare a mixture of sawdust and PVA glue. Fill in damaged areas with this filling material. After the sawdust glue has dried, putty any small dents that remain.

How to replace window frame rotted? If the rotten area is too large for putty and filling material, then you will have to fill it with cut-to-size blocks. These blocks should be put on glue and screwed with drywall screws. After the glue has dried, the area should be puttied with wood putty.

The next step is cleaning. The frame must be carefully sanded. Pay special attention to puttied areas. Then you can start finishing. Remove grease from the surface of the frame using a solvent.

Next, be sure to prime the windows. Now the frames are ready for painting. After painting, the frame is ready for glazing and return to its place, where it will serve for many more years.

Restoring wooden windows requires a lot of time and effort, but don’t let that scare you. All the effort expended is worth it, because such windows are much more environmentally friendly and attractive than modern plastic ones. But if you still do not have time for this work, you can always contact the company that will provide window frame replacement in Chicago.