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Incorporating Farmhouse Furniture into Your Home

Incorporating Farmhouse Furniture into Your Home

Farmhouse furniture is a popular choice to add to your home and is usually practical in both function and form with a weathered look. For modern farmhouse furniture, you can see a lot of textures and natural materials with warm neutrals and clean lines.

Farmhouse Furniture Style

There are several elements to farmhouse furniture to see if you can incorporate it into your home décor. One of the main elements is practicality. Practicality isn’t only about function but also the form. Farmhouse furniture tends to be simpler instead of decorative. Modern style still favors using natural materials, including wicker, stone, reclaimed wood, and cotton upholstery. Since the furniture is simpler, there will be a variety of different textures in order to add depth and contrast to the home. This includes distressed wood, metal accents, and canvas upholstery that is used to prevent the room from looking flat. Adding a variety of textures can help create contrast and depth in your home.

When farmhouse style started, people furnished home as furniture was built or acquired so the style isn’t as coordinated or planned as others. Instead of buying matching collections, you can mix and match your pieces in an interesting and unique way. You don’t need to mix old and new pieces; you can also include different materials such as stainless steel with natural wood. You can take your time to find the right furniture that showcases your personality and matches your style.

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Farmhouse style is based on minimalism and embraces a lack of clutter. However, unlike other modern styles, there is also added warmth. There shouldn’t be extra furniture that is not needed because farmhouse style tends to be functional, comfortable, and cozy. Farmhouse style allows you to embrace imperfection. When choosing wood furniture, any nicks or knots add to the authenticity. When choosing materials, you may want to choose a more weathered metal look that can show a long history. Even though farmhouse style embraces minimalism, the pieces tend to be on a larger scale to help with function and comfort. You will likely want to choose larger and more comfortable furniture pieces or aesthetically focused, sleeker objects. Mixed metals have been gaining popularity and it’s also true for farmhouse décor. It helps combine the new and old and wood with metals gives a utilitarian look. Try different metal accents to your décor. Matte-finished metal can look great with natural wood pieces and stainless steel appliances.

Furniture Style Ideas

When decorating with farmhouse furniture, you may want to consider slipcovers. Beige and cream sofas are popular when using farmhouse style, but a lighter couch means more pet hair and dirt will show. This is why slipcovers are big in farmhouse design. They are practical and give a cozier feel to your space. Mix and match finishes for larger pieces and accent pieces. For farmhouse furniture in the bedroom, consider an upholstered headboard for different textures.

Not only does this add the texture you need to balance out the neutrals, but it also adds coziness, which is important in the farmhouse décor. Even though you don’t want to add a lot of pieces, consider a bench in the bedroom. This can be functional for extra storage or seating and add some texture. To add coziness and charm to your dining room, use upholstered dining benches and chairs. Hutches can add some storage to the room without making it feel too cluttered. For a home office, think about adding distressed wood elements to the space. Rustic bar carts can be incorporated in a farmhouse style while also adding some flair and sophistication to the home.