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Is Replacing Windows Worth The Expense

Replacing Windows

When your budget for renovations and repairs of your home is limited, you need to figure out which renovation or repair is worth the expense. For example, you might think a large-scale improvement of your home such as remodeling your bathroom or renovating your kitchen would be a good investment. Or you might be thinking of installing a built-in glass cooktop or a luxurious whirlpool tub. The value of your house will indeed be increased by these types of renovations. However, a smarter investment would be a renovation or repair that is more practical such as replacement Windows Plymouth Michigan.

The house’s market value is only one factor when you are considering an investment. New windows can be more energy efficient compared to your old windows. This represents savings on your utility bills each month. And there is the non-monetary factor. Energy efficient windows increases the overall comfort of your home. Comfort is a value that is immeasurable.

Replacing Windows As An Investment

Generally, replacing windows is worth the expense. You will recoup between seventy to eighty percent of what you spent on the market value of your house. For example, if you spent four hundred dollars on replacing your windows, then you may anticipate an increase in the value of your home by two hundred eighty dollars to three hundred twenty dollars. Compare this to replacing the entry door of your house and to adding a sunroom to your house. Replacing the entry door of your house will allow you to recoup ninety-seven percent of what you spend. Adding a sunroom to your house will allow you to recoup only fifty-two percent of what you spend. Only a very few of home improvements will allow you to recoup one hundred percent or even more of what you spend.

How The Cost Of Replacing Windows Is Affected By The Type Of Window

The types of windows that provide the best value are double hung windows, single hung windows and casement windows. It is the type of window that you will most commonly see. They have two sashes that will open vertically. They are also a very affordable option for replacing windows. Single hung windows cost less than double hung windows. However, they are not as popular as double hung windows mainly because the top sash cannot be operated. This inability to operate the top sash makes single hung windows more difficult to clean and less functional. Casement windows cost slightly more than double hung windows and single hung windows. However, casement windows keep cold air and drafts out better compared to double hung windows and single hung windows. This is particularly useful if you are located in the cold northern latitudes.