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Modern Beach House Inspiration

Modern Beach House Inspiration

Anyone who is interested in a modern beach house design for building a new home, or their next home project has no shortage of online inspiration! There’s something about beach house design that makes people relax and immediately feel at home. Many folks can find modern design and architecture cold and off-putting. However, when those same modern elements are incorporated into a beach house, they feel a lot more hospitable.

Beach House Design in Pop Culture

So many films are shot in a beach locale, simply because the vistas are stunning. When done well, viewers can almost feel the seaspray on their faces, hear the crash of the waves, and imagine the smell of saltwater. There are many inspirational films that are a must-watch for anyone looking to capture the coastal aesthetic and add it to their home. When it comes to beach houses, cottages may be the most predominant, but the modern beach house is gaining in popularity.

With a more modern design, there is typically more light, a more open feel, and a cleaner, neater aesthetic feel. Modern homes aren’t for anyone looking for nooks and crannies. However, with modern beach house design, there’s a lot of room to play around with textures, materials, and floor plans.

Defining Qualities Of A Modern Beach House

  • Natural materials. Using wood and stone can give a modern beach house a warmer feel. More typically, modern homes are constructed of concrete and steel.
  • Floor plan and layout. An open floor plan is essential. Having a beach house that is filled with light is the goal. A free-flowing and open floor plan allows ocean breezes to flow throughout the house.
  • Multiple windows, sliders, and French doors. The big draw of living on the beach is the ocean’s sounds, smells, and sights. Lots of windows allow all of those elements to be a part of the home’s interior decor.

Beach House Interior And Exterior Design Ideas (48 Pictures)

Modern beach houses may be a bit sleeker than their cottage cousins, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have a rustic feel. Using the materials mentioned above, especially aged metals and bleached or light wood can add warmth that isn’t always found in other types of modern homes. Stone is another great material to use when designing a modern beach house. Whether for a chimney, floor, or outdoor terrace, the stone is the perfect material.

When it comes to inspiration for modern beach houses, there certainly is an unlimited supply. Once the basic structure design has been decided upon, it’s time to focus on interior and landscaping design. A true beach house embraces an indoor/outdoor feel that blurs the line between the beach and the home’s interior. Landscaping can bring the feel of the beach all the way up to the start of the house’s outdoor spaces.

Tall seagrass, sand dunes, stone paths, and the like are a great way to ensure that a home doesn’t feel cut off from the beach. Additional outdoor design elements like rope and pier fencing and a few other nautical accessories are another way to capture this feeling.

Modern beach house design is possible for new builds as well as with home renovations. The most important aspect to remember is that home design is meant to be fun! Creating an oceanside feel miles away from the sea is a fun challenge that is definitely achievable.  Turn to the internet and pop culture to learn more about how this fun design possibility can help to refresh any home. Who doesn’t want their home to feel like a beach oasis? Get your creative juices flowing today!