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Nasdaq: Gral- The Talk Of The Town

Nasdaq: Gral- The Talk Of The Town

A lot of stock market enthusiasts must have heard about the recent news making it to the headlines regarding the healthcare company Grail. For those who are not updated about the same, it has filed for a $100 million Initial Public Offer (IPO) on Nasdaq under the ticker GRAL. It has decided to go public, backed by some of the giant investors like Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates, Johnson & Johnson, and other big names.

For Those Alien To These Terms-

  • Nasdaq-It is American stock exchange or an online platform for buying and selling securities through an automated network. It is the second-largest stock and securities exchange in the world and is located in New York.
  • Grail, inc.-Grail is a brainchild of the gene-sequencing giant Illumina, founded in 2015. It is a cancer diagnostics company and formed to develop a successful multi-cancer early detection blood test, named Galleri that can potentially detect 50 types of cancers, and hopes to launch it by 2021. It aims to bring a drastic shift in the odds of living in patients by early detection of cancer.

The Hot Topic-

NASDAQ: GRAL at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-gral is a topic of conversation, trending ever since the news of IPO was released by Grail. The talks about the company going public have been in the air for about two years until now when it finally filed an IPO on Nasdaq with ticker GRAL.  The terms regarding the target amount to be raised, as well as the stock price, are not specified in the primary prospectus and are mystified as of now.

It has reported a huge loss and no revenue in the first half of 2020 in its filing.  But, it is common for Biotech firms to resort to IPO pre-revenue to raise funds for the extensive research and conducting the necessary trials for medical products.

It has already shown a magnificent ability to attract funds as it has raised nearly $2 billion in funding for its research and development since 2016.  The prospectus clearly mentions that the commercial launch of Galleri is scheduled for 2021, in the form of a lab-developed test at first before obtaining a complete approval from the FDA. The pioneering work in the field of cancer detection has already won Grail some big investors.

Its speed did slow down a bit with COVID-19 acting as a speed-breaker, yet it has started getting back on the track with the same enthusiasm and an IPO to look forward.

The Golden Opportunity-

Grail has already published a report stating that the liquid biopsy test can detect a growing tumor with a success rate of 93% merely using a single blood sample. It is a revolution in itself!

NASDAQ: GRAL is the perfect opportunity for all the enthusiasts out there to make a dual-purpose investment like NASDAQ: CMCSA at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-cmcsa. There will be a positive return and that too for such a life-changing cause.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.