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Six Ways To Refresh Your Outdoors


Are you staring out the window at an unfinished garden and patio space that you’re desperate to finish? Now is the time to create a beautiful garden space you can enjoy during the festive season with friends and family. Think warm evening dinners or relaxing with a good book. All you need is some updated outdoor furniture and some creativing thinking. We’ve created a list of quick tips and garden ideas that will leave you loving your new space in no time!

Make Your Garden Feel Bigger

Styling a smaller patio and garden space is often harder than if you had a bigger garden. It’s important not to crowd your space making it feel smaller. Once way of making your space feel bigger is to introduce a weatherproof mirror, you can position this to create a focal point. This will brighten up any dark small corners of the space.

If you’re limited with garden space take advantage of your outdoor walls and create a vertical garden to make the most of your space. This feature will add depth and allow you to have extra floor space. Place your mirror on the opposite wall of your vertical garden to have this beautiful garden feature reflected. If you’re stuck with little room for seating options, purchase a swinging seat that you’ll love! This hanging chair will be admired and enjoyed by your guests leaving them with serious garden envy.

Introduce Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can really help enhance your outdoor living space. This can be as versatile as you would like it to be. There is a wide range of lighting options available on the market. From fairy lights, modern LEDs, bamboo lights and lanterns. Adding outdoor lights is an easy way to enhance the ambience of your backyard. Whether it’s purely for decorating your garden or for functionality to light up your dining area or hidden stairs. Outdoor lighting allows you to get the most out of your garden space well into the night, plus nothing looks better than a well-illuminated landscape.

Add A Decking Area

Adding an outdoor deck can completely transform your outdoor area. This can make your garden area the new get together place for celebrations and barbecues. A great outdoor deck needs to combine functionality and style so you and your guests can enjoy the warm weather well into the night. Decks are beneficial as they help utilize your space. It also helps create zones for separating outdoor meals, your relaxing space and games being played. There is a wide range of colours, sizes and finishes for you to choose from when it comes to selecting the right deck for you. With all of these options, you can build one that best suits your individual style. If you’re unsure which colour to paint your deck look at the colour that flows on with your home. For example, colour match the deck with the colour of your window shutters or back door. This will create a polished look that is natural and inviting.

Create An Outdoor Sitting Room

Create a little relaxing corner in your garden by purchasing an outdoor sofa. For extra comfort purchase outdoor pillows to add pops of colour or prints. Make sure these cushions are designed for outdoor use so you get the most out of them for longer.

For the ultimate comfortable space add a side table for somewhere to keep you drink and an out rug to bring the coziness of an indoor lounge outside.

Add An Outdoor Drink Station

Instead of having to run into the house everytime one of your guests needs a drink, create a cocktail bar outside. Your outdoor bar can be as simple or extravagant as your budget will allow. If you have a smaller space instead of building a fixed bar in the garden, purchase a bar cart with wheels so you can move this around to open up your space for bigger gatherings. A bar cart is a great way to engage your guests and stops them from having to go back and forth to the house. Look at a cart that has bi-level shelves for easy access.

Show Off Your Style

Add character and charm to your outdoor living area with sculptures and unique pieces. To create a point of difference hang sculptural pieces to add a point of difference to your outdoor space. If you are framing your outdoor artwork make sure the frames are designed to withstand the outdoor elements. Ceramic bowls and vases are a great alternative to feature. Place the bowls in the middle of the table and fill it with candles. The ceramic vases look great to fill an empty corner space. When accessories your outdoor space remember to select objects that weigh enough to ensure they don’t blow away and can handle the elements