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The Benefits Of Having A Roofing Contractor During The Winter

The Benefits Of Having A Roofing Contractor During The Winter

If you reside in a region of the United States, like Michigan that experiences harsh winters, you may be wondering why someone would think about replacing their roof during the winter months. It is actually not as rare as you may imagine. Many roofing companies provide their services throughout the year, even in snowy and cold regions such as Michigan in the state. AllPoint Roofing contractors Trenton Michigan provides residential and commercial roofing services to all of your exterior contractor needs throughout Michigan. The roofing of Michigan homes in the winter is the same to a roofing professional as it is any other season but with a few exceptions.

Here are some reasons to consider replacing your roof during winter.

Ice Dams That Cause Leaks

The winter months in Michigan challenges your roof and home in ways that are unlike any other season. The most commonly cited cause for leaks in the winter months is the fearsome the ice dam. The ice dam forms in the eaves of the house due to the accumulation of snow melting, then running through the roof, and then refreezing near the edge that the roof lines. In Michigan and other areas with colder climates roofing contractors utilize a product dubbed “ice and water barrier” in conjunction with drip-edge flashing methods to stop dams of ice from damaging your home and leading to leaks. When executed correctly, offers additional security for a minimum of three feet from the sides of your roof. Most older roofs do not include an “ice and water barrier” installed. When your roof has begun to leak, leaky due to ice dams this could be an ideal opportunity to have your roof replaced properly, and ensure that ice dams will not be a nuisance to you and your home once more.

Winter Weather Exacerbates The Effects Of A Faulty Roof

If you have had a deteriorating roofing system prior to winter, it will get worse when spring comes around. There are a myriad of factors that negatively impact your roof during the winter months. In winter, as temperatures fluctuate, it causes your roof shingles expand and contract. This causes cracking and curling on older roofing shingles. Let us suppose that some of the shingles on your roof have curled in a small amount, the next thing you know; you have a heavy, wet snow. Because of its weight, some of the curled shingles to break. This could lead to a leak in your roof. Additionally, if this heavy and wet snow is then frozen, it will be able to cause further damage to your roofing shingles. The freezing and thawing that occurs during winter is not good for old roofing shingles. Old roofs don’t like cold winters.

Improved Service On The Installation Of Your New Roof

It’s a reality it is the case that Michigan roofing contractors as well as roofing contractors in general aren’t as busy in the winter. What does this mean for homeowners looking to replace their roof, is the roofing contractor you select may be able to put up your new roof within a few days from the moment you make the agreement, as opposed to having to wait weeks or even months at times in the event that you wait until the spring, summer and autumn months. This reason alone will be enough to make it possible to install your roof during winter.


Take Advantage Of A Low-Season For Roofers To Save Money

Who wouldn’t want to cut back as much as you can in the case of an expensive home improvement task like re-roofing? Because of the same reasons, you might be able to get a faster installation service for the new roof by a roofing contractor in the winter months, you will also likely receive a lower price than during summer seasons. Professional roof installers typically offer the same warranty on labor when a roof is installed in winter months as for a roofing placed at any other time of the season. The warranty on the material is provided by the manufacturer of the shingle, and is identical regardless of the season the roof was constructed in. Roofers wish to keep their staff active and will offer you more for your money so that you do not have to cut off workers in the winter months of slowing.

So what are you sitting to do? If you own a home with an old roof that is in need of replacement, contact a local roofing professional and discover the reasons why roofing Michigan homes or homes in another area is a great alternative in winter and is often cost-effective!