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The Best Flooring Options For Every Room

Best Flooring

Whether you are building or renovating, it seems that there is a decision to be made at every turn. Lighting, cabinetry, bathroom tile, paint and hardware of just a few of the considerations. Just when you think you have it under control, another design choice must be made: flooring. It can be overwhelming but, with a little research, you can have the house of your dreams with a floor appropriate for the use of each room.


The garage is one room that can be subjected to a lot of different uses. You’ll want to choose water resistant flooring options to stand up the rain that your cars will bring with them. You’ll want it to be resistant to chemicals and durable. Epoxy floor coverings are a good choice, as they are not only aesthetically pleasing but they can take a beating and still look great.


The prevailing condition to be prepared for with bathrooms is water. There is an absolute certainty that the bathroom floor and walls will get wet, so you’ll want to combine the durability factor with resale and style considerations. Both textured porcelain tile and natural stone tiles are good options. Though they may be more expensive, they will provide great value in the long run.


Like bathrooms, kitchen floors need to be able to stand up to water and other liquids. In addition, kitchens take a lot more foot traffic, which means more dirt and grime to wear the surface of the floor. For this reason, porcelain tile makes a great choice. It’s durable, stylish and cleans up easily.

Family Room

The family room is one room that everyone will spend the most time in. You’ll want something that is not only beautiful but comfortable. Carpeting is not the best option with rooms that open to the outside or if you have pets. Hardwood floors will be warm, soft to walk on and will retain its value for resale.


For a bedroom, you want to consider comfort and sound. While hardwoods are always a timeless choice, they may not be the best choice for bedrooms as sound will echo on the hard surface, particularly if the bedrooms are upstairs. Carpeting is generally a wise investment for these rooms as the padding provides extra sound absorption. If you do choose hardwoods, consider adding large area rugs to cover the most traveled part of the room.