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Upgrade Any Living Space With The Womb Chair And Ottoman

Womb Chair

Extremely well received by the general public and design critics alike, the Womb Chair proved instantly successful from the moment it was put in the market. The iconic design brought forth by Eero Saarinen caters to the psychological desire for comfort whilst also appealing to the sublime taste of most preferences.

The cutting-edge, innovative construction combined with impeccably high-quality craftsmanship has launched it into the limelight of interior design history for decades now. Of course, you want to choose the best way to show off this beautiful specimen, so browse through the collection of ideas we’ve put together for you:


Creativity is intrinsically linked with the Womb Chair, emerging from the mid-20th-century modern movement related to art and design. What better way to celebrate its divine profile than to surround it with a myriad of inspired secondary furnishings? The biggest advantage of this masterwork is its ability to harmonize with a vast multitude of accessory pieces.

Going for a more maximalist approach here, this strategy reins in multiple vivid patterns by the meticulously selected color scheme of sea greens, teal and subtle infusion of green. The creative bundle of turquoise, blue and green palette, supplemented with botanical artwork and distributed plants all result in a whimsical oceanic vibe.

  • A splash of vibrancy:


This living area relies on patterned upholstery and humble blue accents to craft a very bohemian-inspired aura. The Womb Chair is bursting with personality on its own, uplifting and adding brighter tones that aren’t too overwhelming. The subtle playoff between varied patterned couch cushions and large statement art, adjoining with the simplistic whitewashed theme prevents the room from appearing too over the top. The biggest advantage with the Eternity modern collection is its availability in a rainbow of colors and materials, ranging from boucle wool, vintage, aniline, velvet, cashmere, and chenille, meaning that you can completely personalize it to your taste and arrange and color pairing you like, maybe beige and amber even.

  • 21st century baroque:


In the image above you can see a more Metropolitan approach to the slightly traditional silhouette of the Womb Chair and Ottoman in a modern space that has been flooded with a cascade of textures and elements. The thing about eclectic spaces is how visually appealing they come across as. This tastefully appointed area proves to be an idyllic lounging area. The olive leather couch remains in the same family color as the womb chair. The contemporary touches of paneled mirror decorations, abstract art hangings, and inclusion of rock shaped, chartreuse green ornaments on the center table may be sparse but deliver the fully stylish impact. Exotic monuments and natural light teeming in from two, grand white bay windows keep the room from feeling stale and subdued. It’s a pretty tantalizing arrangement.

  • Complementary tones:


A more pleasant coupling of the empress green Womb Chair is with bold and striking statement articles as seen in the illustration above. The varied shades of green in every décor piece lend an opulent, regal yet fun quality to this space. The meshwork of intricate white, textured, small-scale circular rug, a horde of prints on the ceramic ornaments and cushions transcend conventional limitation to create a carefree environment.

The mixing and matching of green, blue and brown tones all add warm earthy tones, whilst the separation and ornamental wall hanging create a private section for the chair and ottoman by themselves, making the corner seem even more intimate.

  • Playful patterns


You don’t want to undermine the exquisite contours of the Womb Chairs and so you want to use tasteful large art pieces in portrait or canvas to establish a backdrop that draws attention to the chair. The show-stopping chair showcased in front of carefully chosen art pieces, displayed on a neutral and plain wall, with a matching color scheme serves as a beautiful mechanism to make the chair the focal point. This charming little nook is the perfect place to slip into with a good book, a hot cup of coffee and your thoughts. The looming lamp you choose must also follow the same minimalist theory so as not to overwhelm residents with a sensory overload of elements.

Hopefully, the samples we’ve provided you with above are exactly what you need to stimulate the creative interior designer within you when it comes to the extraordinary Womb Chair. The ergonomic and adaptable nature of this architectural wonder means you have the freedom to personalize as much as you want.