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What Are The Advantages Of Having A Septic Tank

Septic Tank

When building a private house located away from the central sewer system, septic system pumping breslau is needed. It is appropriate to have a wastewater treatment facility and how well a septic tank will be equipped will be more comfortable for residents.

The main components of a septic tank for a farmhouse

In considering the design and principle, all treatment facilities have been found to have many features in common.

Most of the autonomous sewage systems are combined tanks for the gradual treatment of waste and sediment in the form of insoluble particles from different inclusions.

The tanks are made of different materials (reinforced concrete rings, car tires, bricks, flat slate). They are also made in different configurations.

Operating principle

The principle of operating a septic tank equipped with all the rules is a complex scheme, which minimizes the negative impact on soil and the environment. According to the traditional scheme, the septic tank is a sewage treatment plant and looks like a two or three chamber device. The first tank is a waste storage facility directly from the sewer line.

Here the mixture decomposes. In the chamber, sewage is disintegrated by bacteria in contaminated substance and precipitated water. The first tank must be of such a size that it is sufficient for use during the three days during which the mass decomposes. After the water has settled and cleared a little, it flows into the second chamber – the filtration well. If the first tank is hermetically sealed, the second tank must be made with a drainage bottom (gravel, gravel or sand). The water passes through the drainage, is filtered and absorbed into the ground, thus not polluting it.

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Strengths and weaknesses of septic tanks

Depending on how the septic tank is organized, the living conditions of the family have improved dramatically, which would be the main advantage of such a treatment plant. In addition, it has many other advantages. Take a closer look at them:

  • Long life.
  • There are no unpleasant odors in the local area.
  • The risks of soil pollution are significantly reduced.
  • Easy and reliable installation.

A modern house consumes a large amount of household water that requires disposal. When building a sewer system, you first have to choose a septic tank.

What problems do you have when choosing?

  • Disposal rules.

The pile is just a waste repository and they remain there until they fill the store.

The larger the composition of the family and the water distribution devices, the greater the water consumption. The construction of a septic tank makes it possible to use it not for canning but for waste treatment, while at the same time 70-80% of waste water is treated.

  • Number of tanks.

Service. It is necessary to pump the contents of the hole in the filling process. The septic tank needs to be cleaned much less frequently, not more often than once a year.

Frequency of use. If a sewage treatment plant is needed in a villa where there is a seasonal life, then it probably doesn’t make sense to install a volume plant and, more financially more expensive, a septic tank.

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