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What Is The Best Way To Grow Marijuana

It is very important when choosing your indoor cultivation site to pay attention to the temperature in the plant environment and choose carefully your  grow shop toronto. The plants correspond most to temperatures of 25 – 30 ° C while young, and in the last stage of cultivation the most suitable temperatures are around 25 ° C. As temperature is one of the most important factors for quality breeding, we advise you to constantly control the temperature of your “grow-box”. A simple thermometer is sufficient for this. Remember that the lamps for lighting that affect the temperature are also influenced by the heat and the excess heat. The output heat of the lighting depends on the size and type of lighting for the cultivation that will use you. If you use more lamps such as HPS, you should have through-air ventilation (fans and blow / exhaust) in order to balance the heat and evenly distribute.

Outdoor cultivation

Outdoor cultivation is the cheapest type of breeding. For outdoor cultivation, you need space, sun, seeds and will. You do not have to worry about the purchase of special lighting, Ph etc. But external cultivation comes with new problems such as privacy (a good isolated site), possible pollination, theft of plants, pests, animals and other pests found in nature.

Nature is your best ally in external cultivation, but sometimes it is also the biggest enemy. Today, almost nothing can be cultivated unless you take care of it. In times of drought, the plant needs to be abundantly watered, if you have too much rain, you must protect the plant from watering.

It’s a good rule of breeding, if it’s too hot for you, and if it’s too cold for you, the plant is too cold, so if you have high temperature differences in your area, we advise you to place the plant outdoors into a small greenhouse. Read more about outdoor farming here.

Selection of lighting

There are two types of sources of light: natural and artificial. The natural source of light is the sun, which is also the highest quality source of light for growing the plant because it provides the widest range of light.

  • Artificial sources:
  • Energy saving lamps
  • High Pressure Sodium
  • Metal Halide
  • Light Emitting Diode
  • Fluorescent tubes


If you grow your plants under the sun, make sure that your location has at least 8+ hours of direct sunlight daily for best results. Cannabis is therefore one of the more demanding plants in terms of the amount of light it needs.


Beginners often use this type of lighting in internal cultivation because they are the cheapest and most affordable, although they are not the perfect choice for less power.

Florescent tubes

Fluorescent lighting for breeding is primarily used in “helping” the main light source because of its strength. The lamps are suitable for developing the sides of the plant because they are bad enough that they can be very close to the plant, and they exist in versions with a different spectrum suitable for vegetation or for blooming.

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