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Why Scaffold Towers Are Becoming More And More Popular

scaffold towers

Even though scaffolding towers are relatively new to the market, they seem to be growing more and more popular. The conventional technique of constructing scaffolding was complicated and need people that were highly skilled in that scaffold construction to safely erect scaffold towers. In the past years, there have been a lot of accidents happening, which have led to the establishment of scaffolding bodies to ensure that scaffold structures are erected property.

However, there were several situations where the conventional scaffold construction technique was simply overkilled. When it comes to the occasional use, tradesman and DIY user, installing scaffold structures were far too much of a hassle. That, however, has given rise to the contemporary scaffold towers as we now know them.

The towers have the following important benefits over the traditional pole and board technique of constructing scaffold structures:

Lightweight components

The use of lightweight components has made it easier for a single person to erect a tower and has also eased the transportation of towers. Without the galvanized steel poles’ weight, the scaffold frame can easily be transported inside the boot of your car.

Easy, Convenient construction

Scaffold towers can be easily and safely be set up by one person. Even those towers that go to 30 feet and beyond can be assembled by a single person within hours. It’s an easy matter of methodically putting the parts of the kit together.

Other types require being built up by placing a bunch of pieces together to utilize it. It doesn’t matter the type being used. It’s still going to be essential to ensure that they aren’t going to fall when a person stands upon it.

No Skills Needed

Most scaffold towers come with a full set of instructions, which means that assembling them is easy and quick. There’s no way that you can assemble the tower incorrectly because they just won’t go along in any other way besides the right way.

In addition to that, many sets also come with adjustable legs, which makes it very simple to assemble a tower even on even ground. Previously, that would have been a huge engineering feat to have overcome utilizing traditional scaffold construction sets.


Scaffold towers that are available as a kit are significantly quicker to set up than the conventional technique of scaffolding. Any guesswork is eliminated, which means that the number of errors is also reduced. The towers can be assembled in no time at all.

However, you should note that some scaffold towers are simpler to assemble than others. If someone is utilizing this always, they will want to have something that’s going to be simple to move when they require to. Some will fold up easily and just require being folded back out just like a ladder to use it.


Scaffold towers can easily be assembled and left throughout the entire project. Rain doesn’t harm them or any other weather element. Aluminum is a non-ferrous material, which means that it won’t corrode. So, if you construct an aluminum tower, it will be less likely to wear out before it rots, implying that it’s an investment. If you take care of the components of the tower, it will serve you very well for many years to come.

However, it’s imperative that if they are utilized in the cold winter months, they are checked to make sure that they aren’t slippery. You don’t want to fall from all that height.


Several different tasks require employees to go up high off of the ground and complete their work. Utility crews, painters, and construction projects are some of the common jobs that utilize ladders, lifts, and many others. When the workers rely upon this equipment, it’s important to have reliable equipment and high-quality training. Scaffold towers are becoming more popular and this is because they have a lot of benefits as discussed above.