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Window Installations: Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Window Installations: Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Windows with the best features built by the latest manufacturing techniques do not perform at 100% if they’re incorrectly installed. Improper installation can cause leakage and damage. This is why it is vital to ensure window installations go smoothly and properly taking into account the characteristics and the requirements of your home.

So, how do you ensure that the installation team you hire performs its task correctly? In this article, we explain what are the steps in window installations, we suggest what to remember while doing it, and most importantly, we explain which mistakes are most commonly made by window installers to ensure proper installation.

Poor Planning

The installation process of the window is about as important as the process of planning the installation. It is necessary to choose the right time for the installation of window and door joinery. Especially in the case of wooden windows, it is best to do this after finishing any construction work. In addition, if exterior wall insulation is planned, it is preferable that the windows be recessed first.

Already at the planning and design stage, you should also be able to answer the question of whether you are interested in installing awnings, double panes, etc. These require extra preparation, construction work, and more money. Without being able to answer these questions, you’re opening yourself to mistakes, cost overruns, and much more. Always make sure you have all the important details of your windows, its specifications, and make sure any extra features you want is jotted down and make sure the installers have a clear idea about it.

Mounting the Windows in an Unclean Frame

Careless teams sometimes install a window in a dirty base – this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when putting up windows. It is also a mistake which is very easy to avoid, which is why it is on our list. Just before installing the window, the wall surface should be cleaned very carefully.

If contamination such as dust or plaster fragments persist, the window will not be waterproof! Foam spread on a soiled substrate will not adhere to it well enough, which will lead to insulation problems — through the small spaces between the window and the wall, cold air will enter the house… So before the window installation process begins, check if everything is cleaned up.

Window Installations: Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Improper Window Insulation

Improper window insulation is probably the most common mistake we encounter when we check up and fix window installations. Only careful insulation guarantees complete protection against humidity. The most important rule to keep in mind when ensuring proper insulation is this one rule: proper sealing is done from the interior than from the exterior. Proper sealing providing very good insulation will have three layers: internal (sealing strips that prevent the passage of air and vapour), middle (foam, insulating both thermally and acoustically) and external (impregnated or expansion bands). The installation, which includes such a complete sealing process, is the proper way to get superior insulation.

If you have not decided to make sure the installation comes with proper insulation processes, the windows will be sealed using foam. Thanks to the foam, you can achieve a good effect. Using only foam for insulation is not a mistake, at least if the installation team applies it carefully. You can get moderately good results with minimal cost. This is a perfect solution for sash windows, which already provide great insulation. If you want to buy one, you should check out the best sash windows at sunluxsashwindows.co.uk.