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Wire Cage Storage Units are for the Birds

Wire Cage Storage Units are for the Birds

In a world where technology and scientific advancement has climbed far beyond anywhere we have been in the past, why would anybody even consider installing wire cage storage units? For about the same cost as installing wire mesh, a property owner could provide state-of-the-art, strong, secure, and good-looking storage bins or boxes. Since adequate storage is in high demand from renters all over the United States, why not give the people what they want and bring in a hefty added revenue each month at the same time?

Crime Waiting To Happen

Living in a multifamily housing building has enough privacy issues, let alone having to store extra belongings in a wire cage that allows everybody else to see inside. Although nobody is forcing the tenants to store private things in a public storage unit, it should be an option for the residents to store things that aren’t in public view. One of the biggest problems with having a storage unit that people can see through is that it lets thieves know exactly what is available to steal. When something catches their eye, all they have to do is come back later and snatch it up without much of a problem. Wire mesh is pliable, bendable, and easy to cut with the right tools. What’s even worse than that is that apartments with wire storage solutions can become targets for thieves. When criminals know that there is an easy target, they are more likely to keep coming back and looking for more opportunities to steal stuff.

Cages are Unattractive

When potential tenants come to look at a possible place to live, most of them are looking for a safe, secure place where they can sleep at night without having to worry about crime. The kind of tenants that pay rent on time and don’t cause problems are the kind of renters that will look elsewhere if they feel threatened or uncomfortable. Having a bunch of cages for storage bins does not look like a safe place to live. The cages themselves look ugly, but the idea that they are all the apartment complex has to offer as means of protection is pretty bleak. Instead of having an area that looks like it is supposed to raise chickens, people would much rather be seeing a strong, nice-looking set of storage bins that have locks and privacy. As the demand for storage grows, more and more multifamily properties are investing in secure storage options. What this means is that if they are available somewhere else, your potential tenants might choose that place over yours.

Added Value To the Property

Another great point to ponder is how much value do you believe your property will gain with wire mesh storage boxes compared to secure on-site storage bins? We have seen a property go up an extra $400,000 in value after installing storage bins. How much of a value spike would you suppose installing wire mesh boxes would add? What about the possibility of getting a discount on property insurance? In addition to secure storage bins adding value to a property, there is also the factor of charging each tenant an extra amount of rent each month for each bin that is installed. Property value goes up, monthly income goes up, monthly bills go down. What a great combination.

See For Yourself

There is nothing for you, or any landlord to lose by taking a little time out of the day to look into the options that are available. Bradyl Storage Solutions has been helping property owners get the best deals and the most out of their investment for several years. They can help you too. Contact Bradyl today and get the ball rolling in the right direction, far away from cheap wire cages.