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Crime Scene Cleanup Offer More Than Death Cleanup

Death Cleanup

Think you know so much about crime scene cleanup crew and what they do? Do you know there are some hidden facts about this profession? For many, they think these professionals do nothing outside the scope of crime scene cleaning. But it may be surprising to say that crime scene cleaning cover other areas and offer a wide range of services including odor removal, hoarding cleanup, among others.

Meth Lab Recovery

Many of the skills and technologies used up in cleaning dead bodies are now being used in other areas. Meth lab recovery is one of the unique services crime scene cleanup companies offer. This task basically revolves around cleaning and restoring a property that once served as a met lab. Just like biohazards and blood pathogens found at death scenes, chemicals used in a meth lab are dangerous, contagious, and infectious. And as such materials found at these sites need to be handled with extreme care. When you’re faced with the task of getting rid of a meth lab, the best option is to contact a crime scene cleanup company. This is not a task for a regular cleaning company, as they don’t have advanced tools required to deal with these conditions.

Furthermore, there’s a high possibility of explosions if the chemicals are not handled with extreme care. This means meth lab cleaning has to be done by professionals who are specialists in that field — not just any kind of expert but those with many years of experience in crime scene cleanup.

The fact remains that many meth producers are tenants. Most property owners rent out their space to a   tenant without due diligence only to find out that they’ll be producing meth. Some of the chemicals used at a meth lab can cause burns. And the tools and protective gear used by crime scene cleaners shield them from all the dangers of a meth lab. Crime scene cleanup experts can help restore your property to a habitable setting.

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Another aspect most crime scene cleanup companies tend to make up when there are no deaths to clean is hoarding cleanup. The fact that accessing a particular section of your home is quite difficult can be overwhelming.  The room smells, contains dangerous materials and filled with deadly pathogens such as mold and bacteria, which can result in severe health complications.

Though still as gruesome as death cleanup, hoarding cleanup is much more than just removing the junks and debris from a scene where a hoarder collects and stores items, be it useful or not.

Sometimes, the cleaning process cannot commence unless of course, the home and even the entire building is evacuated. This way, they can easily get rid of dangerous pathogens, clean the entire area, and restore the space to its original condition. After a thorough cleaning and sanitization, your home will be habitable.

You can trust crime scene cleanup crew to handle other aspects of cleaning asides blood spills and death cleanup. There’s no better expert that can handle these tasks than a highly experience crime scene cleaning company.