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How To Measure Your Windows For Custom-Made Blinds And Shades?

If you choose well, the blinds you add to your home for practical use can improve the beauty of your home as well. But sometimes, what you find in the market may not suit your needs. If you’re facing a similar problem, you should consider investing in custom-made blinds and shades. Blinds City is a provider of blinds, shades, and more. For your custom blind needs, consult them and get your affordable custom blinds right to your doorstep.

When you buy custom-made blinds, you need to measure your windows exactly. This measurement is important to ensure that you’re getting the exact fit for your window. Here are a few tips on how to measure windows for different types of blinds.

  • For height measurement, take three measurements from left, middle, and right and get the longest/ shortest length required.
  • Do the same for the width measurement.
  • The length you need to consider depends on the type of blind you are hoping to install.
  • You need to measure an exact window depth to see if blinds will fit.
  • Always take recordings to the last millimeter.
  • Use a steel tape to make sure that you’re getting correct measurements.

Roller Blinds

Measure the window depth to ensure there is enough space to mount the roller blind inside the window. The roll will be thicker if your window is long. When measuring height and width, you need to measure the top, middle, and bottom. Choose the smallest width and the longest height. Measure the exact width from one end of the outer edge of the architrave to the other end. This is where the blind will be placed.

Plantation Shutters

Measure the window height and width from top, middle, and bottom. The shortest height and the narrowest width should be chosen. To make sure that the product is flush against the window, measure the minimum window depth.

Honeycomb Blinds

When measuring for a honeycomb blind, the top, middle, and bottom width of the window should be measured. Choose the narrowest width. You also have to measure the right side, middle, and left of the window height. For height, you need to consider the longest length. You need to have a window depth of 50mm to install honeycomb blinds.

Venetian Blinds

If you’re thinking of installing Venetian blinds, first check your window depth. For a 55mm blade, you should have at least 60mm window depth. You also need to measure the exact width and height of the window using three positions as top, middle, and bottom. The width should be the smallest length while the height should be the longest. You need to measure architraves as in roller blinds.

Vertical Blinds

Width and drop (height) should be measured in three different positions as top, middle, and bottom. Select the narrowest width and longest height. When measuring window depth, you need to measure the minimum depth. For a 90mm vertical slat, you would need at least 90mm window depth.

Roman Blinds

Take the three width measurements top, middle, and bottom. Record the narrowest width. Measure the height from left, middle, and right and get the longest height. You can also take the height measurement from top to where you need the blinds to reach. A minimum window depth is required as well.

Panel Glides

Measure the window width at top, middle, and bottom and get the smallest width. Necessary deductions for headrail and mounting brackets will be done by your providers. For height, take the longest measurement. Record the minimum depth.

Twin Blinds

Measure the height at top, middle, and bottom and get the narrowest width. Get the longest height measurement and a minimum window depth.

Final Thoughts

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