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5 Reasons You Should Invest In An Energy Efficient Door

5 Reasons You Should Invest In An Energy Efficient Door

Before buying anything that is energy-efficient, it is important to understand the definition of being efficient with energy and why it is important for you and the environment. Being energy-efficient requires an individual to use less energy while performing a task. Because of this, you give the environment benefits which include:

  • Reducing the use of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reducing energy imports
  • You lower the cost of household and economics.

For these reasons alone, investing in energy-efficient household items is not a bad idea. One of these household items are doors. These doors come in a variety of materials: fiberglass, vinyl, steel, wooden, and glass. In this article, we will be exploring reasons to invest a door that saves energy, how to pick one that would be good for your home, and companies that will help you install one of these types of doors.

Why You Should Invest In An Energy-Efficient Door:

The goal of this type of door is to prevent air or temperature from getting into your house (which can give you leaks). Other than just that reason, here are 5 more motives that will persuade you to buy an energy-efficient door:

  1. You Get To Save Money: Saving money is important for everyone. What better way to save it by installing a door that saves energy? Getting this type of door lowers energy bills and even reduces greenhouse gas emissions that come from power plants or other homes.
  2. Your Will Feel More Comfortable: By installing an energy-efficient door, you can put a stop to the cold and the heat during the wintertime or summertime. It also keeps your house steadily comfortable as well.
  3. Protects Your House Interior: If you ever experience damage done to your floor, carpet, or furniture, it might be from the UV lights that illuminate from the sun. You can prevent these damages by getting an energy-efficient door.
  4. You Aid The Environment: By installing a door that uses little energy, you reduce carbon emissions, which is responsible for climate change.
  5. Improving Resale Value: Last but not least is the resale value: if you want to sell your house and it is equipped with energy-efficient installations like doors or windows, you have a higher chance of someone buying your house due to the reduce cost of the utility bills.

Now that we told you about the benefits of an energy-efficient door, are you ready to buy one? Before you do, however, it is important to know which type of energy-efficient door to buy for your house.

Things To Look For When Buying An Energy-Efficient Door:

As previously mentioned, there are five different materials that these doors are made of. Each has its advantages. Here is the list of each and their advantages:

  • Fiberglass: Good for the weather as they are resistant to heat.
  • Vinyl: Gives your house a good thermal temperature in your house and are low maintenance.
  • Steel: Like the vinyl door, steel doors give you a good thermal temperature in your house.
  • Wooden: The most commonly used out the five, wooden doors come with polyurethane foam which benefits the energy-efficiency of the door.
  • Glass: If you plan on getting one that is glass, get a higher low-E as this will reflect the heat outside. You can also get weatherstripping: a strip that can be applied around the door which will prevent air or heat flow.

Other things to look for and research is the SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient), installation, the dimensions (so you can get the right door), and storm doors.

Companies That Can Install Energy Efficient Doors:

Here are three companies that will install an energy-efficient door for you:

  • Nova Exteriors “We believe you deserve stunning results without unnecessary stress”: Nova Exteriors work with all kinds of home installation projects: from windows, siding, roofing, and doors. They provide a whole selection of energy efficient NOVA doors you can choose from and guarantees the doors will be cost-efficient.
  • Energy Star “The simple choice for energy efficiency”: Certified for saving energy, Energy Star partners manufacture a door that will save energy. They not only provide energy-efficient doors, but also home appliances that you use daily like refrigerators, washers, air conditioners, dishwashers, etc.
  • ProVia “We reinvented the door”: ProVia is a good company to look into if you think of getting a fiberglass door. When they install your door, they give you three things: thick entry, perimeter seal, custom bottom sweep, and an insulation channel.