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Enjoy Your Austin, Texas Backyard More: 4 Features

It is winter now but spring and summer are right around the corner, and before you know it you will want to head outside and enjoy the pleasant Austin, Texas spring weather. Start planning now and you can make your backyard more enjoyable in several ways.

Privacy and Protection

Privacy from neighbors and protection from the elements will likely be among your first considerations. Fences and privacy panels can provide both, but can prove cumbersome or unattractive. Hedges, trellises or rows of slender evergreens such as cypress trees add greenery and vertical interest with the advantage of deadening sound between neighbors. Your best solution may be something that is more portable and versatile. Using retractable shades in Austin will let mild sunlight or light breezes in when you want them, then keep harsh sun, rain and heavier wind out when you don’t. Shade Outdoor Living Solutions can turn pergolas, decks and patios into rooms in a matter of minutes.

Water Feature

Being around water can improve your mental and emotional well-being. To reduce stress and enhance feelings of calm, include a water feature in your yard. Each type of water feature includes its own special plus. Ponds can showcase colorful water lilies and fish; fountains can incorporate artistic or architectural elements. Swimming pools encourage physical activity. A hot tub promotes relaxation and if you choose a model with jets there is additional therapeutic value.

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Fire Feature

People love to gather around a fire. A barbecue, or grill, is standard fare in almost all backyards. It is the essential centerpiece of the summer cook-out, so get a sturdy model with a large grill surface, multiple cook zones and a side burner. Boost your entertaining game by adding a prominent fire feature to yard. Fire pits can be as simple as a ring of cinder blocks or as ornate as a custom fire ball. Position the fire pit and seating so that flammable matter is at least seven feet away from the flames at all times.

Eco-friendly Green

Most backyards have greenery in the form of lawn, shrubs, flowers and trees. But you will enjoy your backyard more if your green is eco-friendly as well. Plants native to your region tend to require less fertilizer and pesticide, consume less water, and thrive with less care on your part. In the Austin area that includes the blooming prairie verbena, mountain laurel and Texas yucca. You can add color with vibrant annuals in planters; experiment with different varieties each year until you discover your favorites.