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Home Green Home: How to Focus on Sustainability

Home Green Home: How to Focus on Sustainability

It is 2021, and the world is far from healing. This year is a vital point in environmental awareness and preservation. Although major companies and industries are mostly the ones to blame for dangerous carbon footprint levels, as individuals, there are still steps we can take to save the planet.

Going Green

What does it mean to “go green”? Why is it relevant to our world today?

Going green involves conscious lifestyle changes to be able to contribute to the planet’s healing positively. With our modern lifestyles that involve heavy consumption of goods and the excess, going green or being more environmentally-aware may entail a huge lifestyle adjustment. Sacrifices will be made along the way to minimize your and your family’s toxic contribution to the planet’s degradation.

With support from every household member and proper discipline, turning your household into a “green home” will not be such a big deal.

The Earth in 2021

Why is it important to consider going green at home?

2021 is a crucial point in environmental history. We have seen it coming with recent events. The world is fighting back with natural disasters during the past years.

This year, prioritizing environmental responsibility is at the forefront. Some businesses have taken steps to improve their energy consumption. Renewable energy has become much more affordable. Companies, not just individuals, have begun stepping up their game. Given this, there is no excuse for households not to go green.

Green Movements

“Ditch the plastic,” they said. “Avoid fast fashion,” they said.

Plastic has become the ocean’s enemy. With this, fast fashion has become a major issue in the clothing industry as major fashion brands have been called out against their unsustainable practices and company policies. From refusing single-use plastics to avoiding unsustainable clothing, people have started voicing their opinions and taking responsibility for their actions.

Various organizations and small companies have established several other environmental movements to spread the word on the importance of being environmentally conscious. In recent years, environmental advocates, individuals, small companies, and even celebrities have jumped on the “green trend” supporting environmental causes.

Although major industries and companies are being blamed, as mentioned, your minor lifestyle changes can contribute greatly to the bigger picture if only more people adopt this mindset. As they say, “every drop counts.” The same logic applies to helping the environment. So what changes can you make in your household?

Lifestyle Changes

Save every drop of water. Always be prepared for unexpected droughts brought about by climate change. In line with this, avoid water pollution. Make sure to dispose of your household chemicals responsibly in the proper waste disposal facilities.

As mentioned, fast fashion has been a major issue in the industry. To avoid contributing to this global problem, do thorough research on clothing brands you support before purchasing. Better yet, make the most out of your current set of clothes before disposing and replacing them with new ones. You can borrow and share clothes with other family members, which can also refresh your style.

Reuse and recycle items at home before throwing them out. Be creative in finding lost potential in items you are about to dispose of. Give these items a second chance at being useful. If you have no other choice but to get rid of them, try selling them at garage sales first.

Check your mode of transportation. Keeping a personal vehicle may already contribute to your environmental impact. Your car may be heavy on carbon footprint because of a lack of proper maintenance. Have your family vehicle checked regularly to minimize smoke pollution. You may also opt to purchase bikes to avoid unnecessary car rides to destinations that can be reached via the pedal.

Conserve energy. A major investment, though a crucial one, is to install solar panels. Apart from keeping your household environmentally-friendly, having these installed can even eliminate your monthly electricity bill. You hit two birds with one stone when you decide on this investment.

Minimizing one’s carbon footprint to help save the environment is a collective effort. You and your family should communicate well to decide what lifestyle changes are sustainable for your household. Deciding to be responsible for your environmental impact is a huge step towards a better future, so make sure to discuss and flesh out the implications of your actions, no matter how small or big. Educate yourselves on how these changes will impact your lives. You and your family may be willing to sacrifice a lot more than you think.