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How Often Should I Service My Daikin Air Conditioner?

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Modern Daikin air conditioners are the ones that can give you cooler nights during summer and warm evenings during winter, using the less amount of energy needed. The Daikin air conditioners are technologically evolved to offer you extreme durability in time and perfect adaptation to any climate you may reside.

The traditional air conditioners where using freon liquid to remove thermal energy from the inside of the room and give it to the environment. In this way, they made it possible to chill the room and deliver the heat to the external room/ area.

However, modern air conditioners are a lot more evolved than that. They have a sensor on the outer part of the building that continually measures the environment temperature. This sensor is cooperating with an internal thermostat that lies into the house. When you choose for a specific desired temperature on the front panel, the air conditioner works as much as it is needed to produce that extra freezing in the room.

The Daikin innovative technology uses the new R-32 liquid that resembles freon only that has ten times its thermal removing capacity. Now the question is, what the real need for service in this equipment is?

Daikin air conditioners service

When you purchase a Daikin air conditioner, you get a special guarantee for its parts with the provision that service is going to be delivered in less than six months after the initial use. Most of the people were trying to prolong these service intervals and call the cooling specialist once a year right before the summer season.

However, the newest Daikin air conditioners are in need of service quite less often than their predecessors. This is thanks to their new inverter technology that doesn’t make the pump work overnight to cool or heat your room/area.

With this technology, you only need to change the filters of the internal unit every 2 or 3 years. This is because the filters are accumulating dust and small particles that are harmful to be released in the atmosphere. There is no other service needed to be done to the Daikin air conditioners.

Sometimes malfunctions occur to the thermal liquid device of the external unit. Then the technician comes to measure the pressure of the system, and he usually adds some R-32 liquid to restore the system’s performance to its maximum levels.

What is the premium service interval for my Daikin?

There is no firm answer to that question. It depends on the type of use you are giving to your machine. There are air conditioners placed for home use that are not overworked and need less maintenance and service through the year.

However, other types of air conditioners are placed in professional offices or other public buildings that continuously work throughout the years. These machines are the primary targets for a shorter service interval. Technicians always measure the type of liquid these machines use and decide whether or not they need to add some to the system for its smooth operation.

Besides, some people are only cleaning the filters of the internal unit. This is a normal procedure that needs no specialized personnel to be performed. All you need is to remove the external cap of the unit, find the filters, and bring them down. Then you can easily wash and rinse them with soap and water and then let them dry for several hours.

The filters are the barriers of all particles passing through the machine to your internal environment. By cleaning the filters, you can be sure that you are improving your respiratory conditions, living in a healthy atmosphere.

Most of the people having a Daikin air conditioner for home use are calling for service once a year to be sure that the machine is working efficiently. All the users of Daikin air conditioners are obliged to call the service more than twice a year so that the filters could be thoroughly cleaned, and the liquid levels examined in the most scrutinized way.

Daikin service-less environment

Daikin has a vision for its air conditioners. There should be one day when they would be all connected to the internet through wi-fi and the initial factory will be monitoring their function real time. This is going to determine weather or not there is a need for service and what actions should you take when you find that service is required.

Daikin would be capable to make some necessary maintenance even from distance. However, the renewal of the liquid coolant as well as the cleaning of the filters is types of service which can only be given on site by experts.


Daikin air conditioners are well-built to provide economy and quality when operating. They are easily mounted on any wall, and their external unit is less noisy than the competition.

The need for service varies according to the type of use (professional or home) and under no circumstances will be needed for more than twice a year. Given the fact that most of you don’t use air conditioners for heating your residence, the service intervals can become even rarer than it is recommended.

Daikin produces some state-of-the-art air conditioners, which are easy to operate and need less service.

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