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The Abode Of The Zodiacs

The Abode Of The Zodiacs

Well after all, your home should speak for yourself, the tendencies that you might show and flaunt the internalized beauty that you are. Though most of it is in your own hands but somewhere your inclinations might be predesigned for you, depending on your zodiac. Therefore each zodiac has some typicality which has been described as below. Let’s check on each of the twelve Zodiacs.

The Sleek And The Sexy – Aries

Keeping in mind your minimalist attitude and yet the slick and the boho you want to add in your home, you would prefer not putting too much of extravaganza out display. All you would do is just make it bold and outstanding to the point of brilliance. You would agree with corner vases and contemporary furniture, settees is a preferable choice.

COLOURS: Bold Red, Royal blue, Feisty colours

The Classic Luxe – Taurus

Your decor would be characterised by the presence of earthy colours, earthy elements like crystals, stones and shale, and also some rustic complements. Dark coloured curtains, some elaborate wooden furniture and some tribal and traditional wall hangings are going to give your home a classic and a sophisticated look.

COLOURS: Green, Earth, Dark dusty

The Modern Ecstacy – Gemini

Porcelain and Glass are the two power combinations for your home. They are supposed to give your home both modern, trendy and yet add on to the eclectic and vibrancy. A lot of glass shelving with some porcelain bowls, porcelain centre adornments are going to actually add to the subtlety that you love to put on every time.

COLOURS: White, Cream, Cheese

The Country – Cancer

Well as it all suggests, the home of a Cancerian is a country side chimer. It would be very much like a farmhouse. Hence the interior would take a back lash as the exterior becomes important. A pretty large lawn, large airy windows and white and creamy curtains are something that would add on the country side theme of the house. Also the house supposedly has a lot of lighting along with natural light.

COLOUR: White, Blue, Salmon Pink

The Chic Raja – Leo

Your home will be characterised by a lot of sizzle and shimmy. There will be a lot of flaunt element, leather couches, a bar cabinet and a lot of patterns that will give it a very castle feeling. Your idea of a unique thematicism or adding a monochrome to entirety will give it a much personalised appeal. There will be a lot of exquisite materials around in your home

COLOUR: Thematic (monochrome)

The Zen Of The Airs – Virgo

Well the kind of perfectionists that you guys are, you are supposedly going to pay attention to every detail. From the type of kerchiefs on the table to the colour of the fur of bed mats, everything will be Zen and so perfect that intricacies will make up for any small lack. You have a special appreciation of cutlery and table pieces, silvers and spoons.

COLOURS: Beige, Regal blue, White, Cream, Ochre

The Elegant Proportion – Libra

Your home is going to have a very artistic touch. From wall decals to patterns, nothing will look out of proportion on those walls in your home. With sleek fashioned doors and some warm and cosy furniture, your home is all set to welcome people. Your style will speak a lot of the 70’s and the 80’s era.

COLOUR: Pink, Purple, Grey, Blue

Sensuous And Sensibility – Scorpio

Your house would be a living decryption of gorgeous. Well draped and finely outlined, the colour theme of darkness against non darkness will be a very complementary choice. White wall, with black decals, or cream curtains violet or dark laces, dark wood furniture, all of this would add to the sensuousness of your home. Also there will be ample and beautiful negative spacing, giving it a large and airy feel.

COLOUR: Violet, Brown, Black

The Boho-Chic – Sagittarius

Your house is more of a global adda. It has got the elements of a lot of places you have been. You have a prize for the various material possessions from wall hanging, wind chimes artefacts, pottery. Rugs, sofa covers and midway curtains are the characteristics of your home with a Bohemian touch.

COLOUR: Turquoise, Indigo, Sapphire yellow

Scandinavian Tales – Capricorn

You are supposedly the one who would not want to bring in any useless and out of scale novelty. You would rely on the traditionalist decor, with the minimalist pieces inside home and giving the home a very spacious and a run through feeling. You would give your home some comfy and cosy furniture and also a few antique pieces so that it looks ageless and seamless in its appeal.

COLOUR: Grey, Scaly, Dusty, Earthy

The New And The Croft – Aquarius

Eccentric, modernised and very hi-tech, your home is a very coming of age home. Characterised by the presence of smart appliances, a modular kitchen, and an almighty Alexa, everything in your home spells out the novelty that it is seeking. There is a lot of comfort and warmth in your lifestyle, giving it a relaxed demeanour. A mix of the chic and the vintage would add on to the eccentricity.

COLOUR: Aqua, Techno, or Duochrome with White

Ethereal Forever – Pisces

The type of people you are, your home will be a very dreamy space with a lot of relaxed vibes. Your home seems to have a lot of breezy and aromatic appeal. There is also certain naturalness to the home and it gives a very colloquial and flowery feel inside there. The themes and the decor are very soft core and subtle.

COLOUR: Blue, Cyan, Green, Coastal