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Turn Your Bathroom Into An Oasis With These Tips

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We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, which means that we should enjoy the time we’re in there. If your bathroom looks old and dated, isn’t providing you enough space, or you’re simply ready for a change, then it may be time to consider a remodel. There are several things you can do to your bathroom to up its wow factor and provide you with a luxurious space to relax. Here are some ideas to consider when planning out your remodel.

Heated Flooring

It can be an unpleasant experience to enjoy a nice long, hot shower only to step out onto a cold bathroom floor when you’re done. More homeowners are taking advantage of heated flooring in their bathrooms to take their bathing experience to the next level. Installing heated flooring isn’t difficult, but you should consult with a contractor first to determine how to put heated floors in your bathroom.

Level Up Your Shower

Showers can be a relaxing experience with the right fixtures in place. You can add multiple shower heads to give your shower a waterfall effect, or add a steam option to help open up your pores and make you breathe better. Some homeowners are even installing a smart shower in their homes, which can offer you ultimate control over your showering experience.

Go Big With Tubs

If you’re interested in having the option to take a bath every once in a while, having a tub in your bathroom makes sense. You don’t have to stop at a basic tub, however, thanks to advances in technology. There are tub options available that have great features built-in, such as jets, to provide you with a relaxing experience. You can even find extra deep tubs to luxuriate in while unwinding after a long day.

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Eco-Friendly Options

Your luxurious bathroom can be an oasis while being eco-friendly. Bathroom fixtures now come with water-saving options built into them which not only conserves the environment but your bank account as well. Consider installing an eco-friendly toilet, which provides multiple flushing options depending on your needs and allows you to conserve water.

Opt For Tile

While many homeowners use vinyl flooring in their bathrooms to save money, consider adding tile to yours to ramp up its luxury factor and add to its aesthetics. If you’re considering heated flooring you’ll need to leverage tile anyways, so why not something that’ll show off your personality at the same time.

If you’re stumped on where to start with your next remodel, these helpful ideas can get you started. Soon, you’ll be enjoying your beautiful new bathroom in comfort and style.