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Everything You Need to Know About Our Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

Why Are Retractable Banner Stands so Great?

Retractable banner stands come in many different shapes and sizes. Also, some are good while others are bad, and price doesn’t typically separate the two groups; we’ve seen so many expensive, low-quality banner stands, but we’ve also seen low-priced products that are quite nice!

It’s not that your local print shop is dishonest, but they might typically purchase their stands from a wholesaler, in which case they’re at the mercy of what the wholesaler has in their inventory.

Luxury Retractable Banner Stand

It took us years to find the perfect base. They all seem to look alike, but it’s the internal workings that make ours special. Simply put, ours is just a better product:

* It comes with a stunning matte-satin banner, one that has vibrant colors to help you stand out among your competitors.

* The base is heavy and durable.

* The banner can be replaced without needing special tools, which is great because it means you won’t have to spend money on a totally new product.

* The banner can be single- or double-sided

Retractable Banner Stands


These are nice and they cost about 30 percent less than the luxury style. This basic stand is a quality stand; the metal used makes the base solid, and you can feel the stand’s strength from top to bottom. Our competitors can’t compare.

Retractable Banner Stands Offer Many Advantages:

  1. They’re lightweight, manageable, and compact. 
  2. You can use displays of various sizes because the banner stands themselves are retractable and accommodating of all graphic sizes.
  3. They can be set up in minutes without hassle.
  4. A retractable banner is also very efficient, and it can easily fit into a limited budget.

Puzzled by the Various Kinds of Retractable Banner Stands?

  1. Retractable banner stands come with many different bases.
  2. Widths differ depending on the manufacturer. The most popular widths are 24″, 32″, 39”, and 45-48″.
  3. Height can be adjusted on some banner stands with a telescopic pole, but others, like three- and four-piece stands, simply require that you not use all the pieces.
  4. Trade show retractable banners also vary in how they’re printed and what banner materials are used:
    1. Economical banners utilize inkjet digital prints on smooth banner vinyl.
    2. More expensive banners use dye-sublimation prints on fabric.
    3. Both methods can be done on either piece of hardware, and graphics can be swapped out in your favorite dealer’s print shop in minutes, usually at no cost.

Economic Edge banner stands are known by many and for good reason: they offer attractive and elegant looks at very reasonable prices. They’re developed with vinyl matte finish and inkjet-printed graphics, and they include an aluminum stand as well.

Pronto banner stands are also very attractive. They feature upscale dye-sub prints on fabric banners, and their hardware is backed up by a lifetime warranty

BFF retractable banner stands combine what’s great about the two stand styles above; they’re affordable while making use of fabric dye-sub printed banners.