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Hot Living Room Trends You Should Watch Out For

Hot Living Room Trends You Should Watch Out For

Designers are looking for beautiful, functional ways to make their living spaces look great. People want stylish pieces that look great and work well for them. There are lots of hot living room trends on the design scene this year to inspire you to redefine your space. Popular paint shades and furniture styles can be helpful if you want to upgrade your living room decor. Let’s talk about some of the top living room design trends out there right now so you can get creative and start the transformation process.

Natural Elements

Current interior styling trends are being dominated by the earthy elements of nature. These tones and textures bring a warm organic vibe to any space. Wood, rattan, and terra cotta pieces are being heavily incorporated in living room design. Using a clean palette for your furnishings and decor helps create a serene, tranquil space. Neutrals and earthy tones are a top trend. Woven textures and sandy tones mixed with pops of color work together to create a balanced, well-rounded space.

Greens and Blues

Green and blue palettes are popular choices for paint and furnishings right now. This seafoam green bench has an earthy color and brings an outdoorsy vibe to the room. Green shades of paint are a good way to make the living room feel like you’re bringing the outside in. Blue paint shades are calming, relaxing and can even remind us of being near the water. Balance this classic blue-hued pet bed by adding a yellow or gold throw to keep the blue from becoming overwhelming or oppressive. You want to create a soothing space, not a depressing one. Don’t be afraid to use brighter or darker tones to make a bold statement.

Incorporate Live Plants

Give yourself a reason to open the windows and let in some natural light. Live plants require sunlight so you will have to welcome it into the living room. From cute little succulents to long vines, plants can bring new energy to any space. Live plants also help purify the air in your home and can give your living room a fresh, earthy vibe. Adding plants to your decor aligns with nature trends and helps you bring the outdoors to your indoor space.

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Layering and Texture

Using lots of texture and layering have proven to be popular trends in living room design. Bring in large woven baskets for storage or a large woven rug. Subtle, natural details like the nubby fabric on this woven velvet bench add warmth and depth. Prints can be distracting or overdone in your design scheme. Using layering creates more balance. Layer a patterned rug over a neutral textured one to add more dimension.

Multifunctional Pieces

Living rooms can serve multiple purposes. Choosing pieces that perform multiple functions can save time and space. Pieces that are gorgeous and flexible are ideal for multifunctional spaces. Convertible coffee tables can be turned into a desk when needed. Convertible sofas provide hidden beds for guests without having to furnish a guest room. Comfortable, multi-purpose furniture is a very big trend.

Revamp Your Living Room Design

Give your living room a fresh, inspired look. Try some of these top decorating trends today and breathe some new life into your living room design. Make each piece work best for your family’s needs by choosing multifunctional furnishings. Pay attention to fabric textures and use layering to add warmth and depth to the space. Use earthy colors that represent natural elements. These top trends can inspire you to create a calming, comfortable living room design. Find some pieces that fit your style at Yolo & Co.