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How to Choose High-Security Locks for Your Home?

How to Choose High-Security Locks for Your Home?

A home is more than a place of dwelling. It is a safe space. That is why people feel disrespected when their homes are invaded or burgled. To deter such happenings, humans have resorted to fixing locks on their doors, windows, and other entrances in the house.

Locks come in different types, and functions. Some also have specific places of use. Therefore, it is not enough to simply have a locksmith fix any kind of lock on your door. It is vital that you take your time to choose the most appropriate security locks for your home.

The following are tips on what to pay attention to when choosing the right security locks for your home.

Consider the Suitability of the Type of Lock You Choose

Some locks are very useful on the main door of your home (doors leading in and out of your house). This means they hold enough strength to keep intruders out. Others are appropriate for keeping areas within your home ( such as bathroom and room doors ) safe.

Here are different locks for different doors in your home:

Electronic Locks

This lock requires a keypad or card system to lock and unlock. Although it is mostly used in hotels as a system security lock, It is suitable for the entrance doors of homes as well.

Door Knob Locks

This type of lock is suitable for doors within your home. They’re not as secure as electronic locks, though, but they’re enough to keep unwanted people out of rooms.

Handle Sets

This type of lock is most appealing for the exterior of your home. It combines both a handle and a deadbolt. Deadbolts give extra security to entry doors.

Hand Levers

This is an excellent choice for inside doors like your closet or basement doors.

Chain Lock

This type of lock works in such a way that it lets you open your door to communicate with a visitor but still prevents them from entering your home. This is effective for the exterior of your home.

Other locks you can consider include padlocks and smart locks. If you’d like to better identify locks, and keys, the Locksmith learning centre teaches you that.

Consider the Internal Makeup of The Lock

Lock picking is a skill that most burglars are good at. But the goal is to keep burglars out of your home. So ensure that the lock you choose has a complex internal makeup. Look for something that the criminal would not be able to work.

Consider the Anti-Drill Feature

One of the methods criminals use to break into people’s homes is through drilling through doors. No one wants to risk burglars drilling through their doors and carting away their belongings. We, therefore, recommend that you ensure that the lock you choose has anti-drill precautions such as anti-drill plates.

Consider the Metal Component

The most secure locks are composed of sturdy, heavy metals that are difficult to cut through. A way to determine the quality of a lock is by feeling its weight in your hand. Avoid locks made from light metals. Unlike heavy locks, lightweight locks only mean they are easy to cut through.

Consider Whether it can be Duplicated

A busy day here and there can easily cause you to misplace your key. If it falls into the wrong hands, the key can be duplicated. Therefore, the best security locks are those whose keys are difficult to replicate. This is the advantage electronic doors, and smart locks have over the other types of locks.