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How To Choose The Best Modern Rug?

How To Choose The Best Modern Rug?

We can all agree that rugs have gone a long way in terms of style and utility, from the brilliant orange shag of the 1970s to today’s modern rugs. Whether you’re searching for a statement-making ornamental item for your modern living room or a soft (and durable) spot for your infant to play in his or her nursery, there’s a rug for you.

Size, color, material, and durability are all factors to consider when selecting the ideal modern rug for your area.

Although individual tastes might differ we have listed some points that will help you buy a modern rug for your home.


Pets, children, and visits from your spaghetti-obsessed Uncle Ralph are all factors to consider when purchasing a new rug. However, deciphering the various rug materials available might be a bit of a challenge. Consider some of the most common alternatives available.


As with your favorite grandma-made sweater, a wool rug instantly infuses a place with warmth. Wool, which is considered a premium material, is inherently robust and stain-resistant due to the waxy component contained in sheep’s wool. This keeps stains and grime from penetrating too deeply into your carpeting, therefore preventing permanent discoloration.

Natural wool’s strength is also attributed for retaining the shape of a rug like the hand-knotted Nabilu, since everyday use and compression are less likely to cause damage and permanent indentations than with other materials. While we always recommend placing a rug pad beneath your carpets, a wool rug already includes this built-in protection.

As is the case with the majority of natural and quality fabrics, we recommend dry spot cleaning only when required. If the situation becomes more messy than expected, your best choice is to contact a professional rug cleaning in your area.


Due to the fact that viscose is made from wood pulp fibers, its ultra-soft texture requires a little additional TLC. Self-cleaning techniques are discouraged due to the premium and modern character of the product. In summary, while your viscose rug will undoubtedly be lovely, it is unlikely to be the greatest choice for a children’s playroom or a bustling foyer with a doggie door.

This does not imply you must walk around your viscose rug or cordon it off with warning tape, but it is unquestionably more appropriate for a mature area such as a master bedroom, formal living room, or guest room.


Rugs should be reduced, reused, and recycled. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is an eco-friendly material that is ideal for rug collectors. PET is a stain- and weather-resistant polymer composed of recycled materials such as plastic bottles.

This makes a rug like the Natica an excellent choice for a contemporary outdoor space, however we always recommend taking your pieces inside when not in use for extended periods of time. We, too, would undoubtedly object to being left out in the cold.


Jute rugs are the group’s bohemian darlings, combining beauty and utility. Jute is inherently soft and resilient, making it a pet-friendly and reasonably easy-to-clean material. However, because jute is not absorbent, it would not work well as a bath mat, entryway rug, or in any other place with a high level of humidity.

Simple vacuuming and spot cleaning are all that is required to maintain the modern appearance of a jute rug.

The color, the pattern, and the style

While your couch, bed, or dining set may receive the majority of the focus, a modern rug has the ability to completely change the mood of a space. Rugs take up a lot of visual space, so it’s critical to consider the message you want to communicate with your piece.

For instance, if you’re looking for something natural and organic to anchor your area while being unobtrusive to other components in the room. It has a monochromatic, neutral tone that has a soothing effect, and a textured geometric pattern that adds interest to the design.

If you’re looking for something a little more daring, the Zakra Rug may be the ideal choice. The complex design creates a strong style statement, while the saturated jewel-toned colours infuse your room with depth and richness.


When it comes to rug selection, size is critical. What is the most egregious offender when it comes to rug size selection? Selecting an item that is far too small for your area.

Always err on the side of picking a rug that is too large rather than too tiny. A rug’s purpose is to anchor and define a space; therefore, a rug that is too tiny creates the sense of a confined, smaller area.

To choose the ideal rug size, consider the furnishings that will surround the rug’s area, such as a sofa or media unit. You’ll want to ensure that the rug’s borders fit beneath the front feet of your piece of furniture. For instance, you’d want the front two legs of your sofa and your media unit to rest on the rug in this location. Additionally, you want to leave room at the ends. If your couch, such as the Sven, is somewhat longer than 7 feet, you’ll require a rug at least 8 feet long to provide a half-foot of extra covering on either end.

If your plan is open-concept, utilize a variety of various-sized modern carpets to denote the varied uses of space. For instance, if you have a large room with a TV-watching zone on one side, a dining area in the center, and a dedicated reading nook on the opposite end, you can clearly define the borders of these various areas with strategically placed rugs.

If you’re still having trouble deciding on a rug size, it’s time to break out the tried-and-true painter’s tape approach. Arrange your furniture in your preferred settings, and then tape off the rug size that feels the most comfortable and makes the most sense in the room. Once you’ve marked off the area, take out your measuring tape and locate a rug that is as near to that size as feasible.

For something that we practically walk on, the proper rug can make a world of difference in terms of your home’s comfort and design. The suggestions and recommendations above have taken your lifestyle, design choices, and available space into account.