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Sprinkler irrigation System: 6 reasons why they don’t work and what can you do about them

Sprinkler irrigation System: 6 reasons why they don’t work and what can you do about them

Are you facing problems with the sprinkler irrigation system? Are you not sure what has gone wrong and why it is not working? 

When it comes to a sprinkler irrigation system, anything can go wrong at any time. There is no assurance that they are going to work well for a long time and in multiple scenarios. There are high chances that they will start behaving abnormally, and many of us have zero ideas about the reasons for this. It can be the clogging in the sprinkler head or buzzing pump or any other concern that hasn’t been faced earlier. 

So, we have narrowed down some of the common problems related to the sprinkler irrigation system to give an idea. Hopefully, you will be facing one such problem and able to understand the same.

Broken Spray Head

This is one of the most basic problems with the lawn sprinkler system, and we all have somewhere faced the same. You can check if the spray head is broken and need to change the same. The reason for the breakage can be any vehicle that has driven over that. 

Also, it is advised to use the sprinkler system with proper care as they are highly prone to breakage. Often we do nothing wrong, and they face problems in just moving. 

Clogged Sprinkler

In some cases, the sprinkler head gets clogged and stops rising. If it doesn’t rise, there won’t be any water coming out of that. The clogging can be due to sand, debris, or any particles. You can clean the same by taking out the nozzle and filter. Once done, attach the same and keep the popup riser down. This should resolve the problem here. 

We should also ensure that the water supply in the pump is clean to avoid the deposition of any such products causing clogging. 

Problem With Water Controller

The problem with the water controller is quite usual, and it can be caused due to time mismatch. The timer dial gets blocked and stops moving could be one of the reasons. Some other reasons can be that the controller is not operating in auto mode or is not able to turn in manual mode. You need to decide what’s the cause and then act further accordingly. You can also take the help of the experts to get it corrected. In some cases, landscaping sod installation is also helpful. 

The water controller can be replaced or get checked by a contractor. 

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Indexing valve is behaving adversely

The indexing valve must be installed at the topmost, and water must be back flowing after it is shut down. Once the water enters the valve, it creates problems. Take out the valve and test it by putting it into another pipe outlet having higher points. The pump might be far from the water source, and in that case, an air gap is filling the supply lines. You can do the same with the help of an electric control valve designed to put the necessary pressure on the supply lines. 

The pump-fed system can have some suction leaks as well. They can cause the pump to fill, and the supply of water will be restricted to a single zone. In this case, a contractor can help better as he can find the problem and repair the leakage in the suction pump. 

Once this problem is resolved, you can proceed with the commercial parking lot sweeping easily. 

Water seems to come out from multiple zones

Usually, water comes from one zone, and the rest of them remains shut. When that seems to be disrupted, the water seems to be coming from multiple zones and creates problems in sprinkler systems. Some amount of water must remain in the valve to ensure that the valve is working fine. 

Pump is creating noise

There might be a possibility of chattering noise coming from the pump. The pump starts to rely on being a bit far from the controller. You can change the small wire size to around 14 gauge to avoid this problem. Also, make sure to run the wire to 15ft in length. 

You need to change the controller transformer as it seems to not be able to handle the pull of the relay contacts. You can connect with a transformer expert or contractor in the nearby area to help with this problem. He can even perform a check and ensure there is not any other issue. 


The Sprinkler can be a lot useful in commercial snow removal services or commercial snow plowing services, but only when it is in working conditions. We hope that you find the problem with your sprinkler mentioned above and are able to resolve the same.