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Staging Your Home for a Virtual Tour

Staging Your Home for a Virtual Tour

Just how do you make your home look its best for virtual staging?

Many of the same things that you’ve probably already been doing continue to apply.

Soon, you’ll find that there are a few factors to keep in mind.

You should seek advice from your real estate agent before the virtual staging begins.

Your agent will know exactly what to do to make the best impression. This means that anything they’re looking for from your tour, your agent will have the right advice to make sure you deliver!

If you’re ready to find out just how to make the best impression on prospective buyers for your virtual tour, then keep scrolling.

These guidelines are to make sure that your home shows its very best features that customers can get.

Virtual Staging Starts at the Front Door

The absolute best virtual tour has to feel like an in-person tour.

Virtual staging needs to start in the foyer of your home.

If you’re like most homeowners, you usually enter through a side or perhaps a garage entrance. It usually takes a couple of minutes to go through the front door.

This is your chance to guarantee that your home’s first impression is a superb one.

Here are a few pointers to ensure that your entrance into the home will entice them to see what lies ahead:

  • Dust off your front door.
  • Make sure that the light fixtures are spotless.
  • Make sure everything looks functional at its most advantageous spot.
  • Assuming you’ve been doing very little quarantine gardening, think about setting up a pretty plant or pot of flowers at the entry.
  • Take uncluttering seriously. Your listing agent may have spoken to you about your home, but this becomes a lot more important when it’s time to get your space camera-ready.

They view the virtual tour with a live stream or video. This means that every little thing appears a bit more jumbled and much less thoughtful.

The more you’re able to reduce clutter and highlight the edges of areas that are clean and organized, the better your home will appear to the buyer.

This is even more important in the kitchen and the bathrooms. This is where countertops must remain as distinct as possible.

Take this chance to pack away any knickknacks and books throughout the house for a more minimalist, streamlined appearance on screen.

Show Concealed Spaces

It’s possible that you might not love the websites that people look at when they’re on a residence tour. However, when they’re buying a house, they would like to think it is all they’d ever hoped for.

So, the inside of closets, the inside of the medicine cabinets, and even the inside of the fridge – it’s all fair game.

To help those who’d possess a fair determination about your home, you’re going to need to allow them the opportunity to peek into those locations as well.

That’s why you should also dust the cobwebs out of your crawl space and clean the cabinets. You can expect your virtual visitors to look into all the details within.

Be sure to neatly organize your kitchen and don’t forget to inspect the bathroom cupboards as well.

This will ensure that the clients can figure out exactly how much room they’ve got to work with.

Don’t Overlook the View

When people are on a house tour, they love to see the view out of the kitchen window or possibly the owner’s very own collection of photos of the astounding view.

It’s important to give them the same chance with virtual staging. This will make their virtual trip a memorable one.

Make sure that you completely clean your window coverings so that there’s not a cloud of dirt when they’re moved.

Alternatively, you can consider opening them up so that your agent can have the chance to get a fantastic shot.

Of course, this means you must clean the windows and the frames too. This way, the potential buyer’s perspective is picture-perfect.

Highlight Outdoor Spaces

Wherever you live, the outside areas are going to play a critical role in driving home a selling point.

Whether you’ve got a fenced-in yard that is perfect for kids and pets or even a stylish terrace with a dining area that’s perfect for summer weather and when you’re home cooking out, you must make your outdoor areas look at their very best.

Here are some tips for freshening up your outdoor space:

  • First, you must clear away any trash.
  • Get the outdoor furniture looking fresh.
  • Also, getting your outdoor space looking top-notch before your virtual tour, really think about asking your agent to ensure it is during a time in the morning whenever the lighting is especially favorable from your deck or terrace. Or you could choose to showcase a beautiful sunset from your home’s view.

Emphasize Your Home’s Very Best Features

So, what made you fall in love with your home in the first place?

Was it a sweeping staircase? Or maybe it was a marvelous gourmet kitchen? A charming sunroom?

What room or even features do your guests usually rave about

What does your listing agent say is especially in demand this year?

To begin with, you must figure out exactly what your home’s greatest features are. After that, make sure you highlight it throughout the virtual staging tour.

That said, virtual staging is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your home at its best and invest more time in the parts it provides.

Don’t Forget to Turn on all the Overhead Lighting and Lamps

In fact, choose a specific time of the day with the best lighting for virtual staging in your home.

That way, viewers are likely to be prepared to really see the space without shadows or shading.

Keep Protection in Mind

As much as you want to share a view of your space with buyers, be conscious of your own safety and property.

If you’ve got a safe in your closet, then cover it just before filming the closet area. Don’t keep a sophisticated jewelry box sitting on the dresser or even leave jewelry sitting on top of the dresser.

You should also steer clear of showing expensive computer products, gun safes, and perhaps several other things that might be appealing.

This is extremely significant if your virtual staging home tour is housed online for everyone to see.

Home security is especially crucial for these popular 360° virtual staging tours that typically accompany listings.

Because the 3d digital camera models capture every little thing, they’re able to inadvertently advertise certain things that shouldn’t be seen. This includes things that could compromise your safety. For instance, your security system setup, entrances and exits, and high-dollar private homes could be readily available to prying eyes. So, it’s very important to make sure that

Final Word

Virtual staging is a very good way to keep you as well as your home safe during the COVID-19 shutdown.

A virtual staging company is going to allow you to reach out and spark the interest of the most passionate customers in your market.

Taking some time to make sure your home offers a little something extra is very important. Be sure to keep this in mind before your home tour via virtual staging. In doing so, you can be sure that you can smoke the competition locally!